Breast Cancer- First Blood Test?

Breast abnormalities can be benign (non-cancerous not life threatening), cancerous, or even precancerous. Each diagnostic test finds different information  example mammogram, MRI, ultrasound each offers its  view.

FACTS:Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 10.36.08 AM

-70-90% of the 1.7 million breast biopsies done each year are benign (not cancer)

– Screening mammograms miss approx. 20% of all breast cancer (esp. those in young women or those with dense breasts)

– More than 50% of women who get annual mammograms will have a false positive result after 10 years of screening

A new blood test is claiming to be able to differentiate benign breast disease from breast cancer. The results are either in terms of a ‘low protein signature’ or a ‘high protein signature’ being found in the blood. Biochemical clues – ‘biomarkers’ – have been found in the blood of breast cancer patients hence it may be linked to those individuals developing breast cancer. Now a simple blood test –Klarifyi ®Breast  to help guide the diagnosis and care of breast cancer.

Important: This test is recommended in conjunction with imaging tests.

If your recent mammogram showed a ‘suspicious’ or the finding are questionable perhaps your medical care provider will suggest a quick blood test (results within a week).



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Obese Mother Means Obese Child?

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 9.55.25 AM

Doomed From Birth?

Mothers in utero may be ‘programming’ fetal stem cells to accumulate extra fat according to a recent study taking umbilical cord stem cells from of normal weight babies of obese mothers & non-obese mothers. In the lab, cells from the baby with obese mothers grew and had more fat accumulation which can effect insulin resistance in the future.

It has been known for over a decade that women who have or become Diabetic during pregnancy pass on that potential  and other metabolic problems. Now it is would appear that obesity can also be passed on!

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Text for CPR

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 9.16.06 AMTexting can now help save lives! Sweden did a citywide study (published June 11, 2015 in New England Journal of Medicine) with volunteers (6,000 mobile users) responding via text for needed CPR (less 1/3 mile -500 meters away). Trained individuals made a difference in survival rate but not statistically significant due to the  size of the study. It was noted by the same researchers (in another study) that ‘odds of survival to 30 days were 2.5-fold better’ with any CPR was preformed before paramedic arrived.

When a resident dials 112 (the equivalent of 911 in the US), a text message is sent to all CPR volunteers  within less 1/3 mile of the person that is needing emergency care.

The Swedish EMS system is very organized and cell phones are already tracking movements – why not a use to help versus target ads or surveil.

There is already two Apps – ‘GoodSAM Responder’ & ‘GoodSAM Alerter’  for people to register to respond to cardiac arrests that empowers trained laypersons. Don’t miss out, you might need CPR someday!

Cynics out there note: no financial compensation and no major adverse events occurred

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Ebola Diagnosed Under 20 Minutes

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 12.07.52 PM

Ebola Virus under microscopic

Now a rapid accurate test to diagnose IF Ebola virus (antigen) is in present.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation funded development of the ReEBOV® (Corgenix Medical) test. A drop of blood from a fingerstick, through a spring-loaded mechanism (prevents accidental exposure to blood) tests for Ebola virus. Think home pregnancy test – ReEBOV test works similarly: apply to a treated strip, and if the sample is positive for Ebola, a colored line appears on the strip

On the spot, points of contact easy quick test to find control this deadly disease.

Published in ‘The Lancet‘ by scientists at Harvard Medical School (HMS), Partners In Health with Boston Children’s Hospital, and now commercially available this rapid test was as accurate as the standard lab test used during the recent outbreak in Sierra Leone.

This test is the first ‘rapid diagnostic’ test for Ebola to get emergency use from both the World Health Organization (WHO) and the FDA.

NOTE: OraSure™ makers of rapid home HIV ($40 retail) & Hepatitis C tests was produced OraQuick Ebola Rapid Antigen Test®, the first test development to receive US DHS funding under Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA).



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Sleep & PTSD

th-2A study in health volunteers showed if you are sleep deprived you have a hard time ridding your mind of unpleasant memories. Fear, trauma recall is not extinguished. Previous studies on rodents had supported this theory. I could not have volunteered for this study! ‘Subjects’ were given low-level electric shock on their wrists -first they were trained to associate a blue circle with electric shock (on wrist) yellow no shock, then made to stay awake 36 hours, the next day they had electromyographic patterns in the eyelid (blink EMG) that are known to signal fear.

This was funded by US DOD where soldiers often do not sleep for over 24 hours.

Yes trauma to mind can lead to sleeplessness but sleep deprivation can lengthen fearful recall.

Source Reference: Straus L, et al “The effect of 36 hours of total sleep deprivation on extinction learning and recall” SLEEP 2015; Abstract 319

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MH900001143Irritable bowel syndrome versus Inflammatory bowel disease is not an easy diagnosis for doctors. Often time it becomes an ‘educated guess’. A submit this blog excited that a blood test may help all involved reach the correct diagnosis.

IBS is a diagnosis of exclusion, meaning that patients must undergo tests for other conditions that match the symptomatology. In the case of IBD, that typically means repeated colonoscopies.

A blood test that would quickly rule out IBD would be a significant benefit to cost, inconvenience, and discomfort associated with colonoscopies. A Proposed test has a  predicitve value over 95% however can not detect IBS from celiac disease.

Just a bit of news from the biotech front! Prompt your healthcare practicer.



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Can Too Much Sleep Make One Fat?

A study of healthy adults is one of the first to show a correlation of sleep amount and time with the body’s metabolism. Researchers pointed out that going to bed too early may prove as problematic as going too late. Postulated is that a misalignment in everyday life may impact risk for obesity with sleep as a driver of the body’s metabolic activity. All agree that more study is needed. At this posting there is no bedtime practice to suggest.

Subjects kept food diaries, blood draws were taken to determine melatonin levels. FYI-people produce melatonin starting 2 hours before bedtime. Furthermore each subject was weighed each morning, their height was measured to determine BMI and body fat was measured using dual emission x-ray absorptiometry.

Other study results also suggest sleep timing is linked to obesity, diabetes, and the risk for metabolic syndrome.

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Weight Loss & Atrial Fibrillation

It is likely that you or someone you know has Atrial fibrillation. Fibrillation (‘fib’) is the heart quivering or beating abnormally; when atrial ‘fib’ is present your heart beats in an irregularly irregular pattern. Heart has skipped into an abnormal rhythm.

ECG strips - 2 views

ECG strips – 2 views

You could recognize this by checking the pulse at the wrist and noting if the pattern is regular (normal) or that there is no regular pattern – it is constantly changing. Some folks do not feel the quivering others do. Fibrillation results from the heart’s electrical system failing to a degree.  2.7 million Americans suffer from this problem. The complications are many including stroke, clots and heart attacks. It is easy to diagnose however there are so many possible causes. Medication and even a pacemaker may be required to control this heart rhythm. Side effects and complications from Atrial fib and its treatment are many.

There is good news another benefit of losing weight, this one for heart disease patients. A recent study showed people who lose as little as 10% of their body weight were six times more likely to become free from Atrial fibrillation. It resolved! This simple strategy could decrease or stop medication(s).

More info check this out



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Sexual Transmitted Infections in Young Adults

The yearly numbers of injected young adults with STDs are staggering!


27% of the sexually active population is 15-24 yet they have over 50% of 20 million annually diagnosed STDs.

24,000 undiagnosed women become infertile yearly

70% of the 820,000 Gonorrhea cases

63% of Chlamydia

45% Genital Herpes

49% HPV – (next generation will have been vaccinated)

26 % HIV

20% Syphilis


Why at are young adults at risk:

– often STDs do not have symptoms recognized by youth

– young adults especially women are anatomically more susceptible to infection.

– failure of medical providers to screen young adults

– confidentiality issues

– lack of insurance and transportation to get medical attention

– multiple partners


Talk about, ask your healthcare practitioner if you could have a STD. Testing is painless.

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Your Brain: Use It or Loose It

This often-uttered expression truly applies to the adult brain. MH900438746
The human brain is capable of neuroplasticity. That is brain is able to grow lay down new neurons and connections.  Stimulating your brain has been proven to decrease likelihood of dementia even in people with the Alzheimer’s gene.

A few relevant stats:

– Japan has the lowest incidence of dementia/Alzheimer in women, next is Italy

– Average adult brain has 100 billion neurons in the brain with 500 trillion connections

– Learning creates new synaptic connections (relationships) in the brain

– Mental activity is synaptic connections


So get out of your comfort zone/routine, learn new activities challenge yourself no mater your age.

No excuses accepted!

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