Meditation Helps!

Ironic that the word ‘meditation’ comes from Latin for medicine- mederi which means to heal. Proven scientifically to help health and happiness, meditation helps retain balance. For example the body’s ‘fight & flight’ stress reflex results in hormones specifically cortisol and adrenalin (epinephrine) spiking causing negative effects throughout the body. There are more scientifically based reasons to meditate.MH900437561

The US Marine Corps is studying using meditation for combat stress and PSD. Many excellent resources exist online but you might want to start with Sharecare.

A daily meditation program can lead to a happier healthier life.



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Low Dose Aspirin A Help?

quiz11-14Q3A 5-year study of elderly Japanese (60 to 85 years of age ) showed that long-term daily taking of low-dose aspirin did not result in a significant improvement in cardiovascular outcomes. Good News – daily low dose aspirin appeared to decrease (47% reduction ) nonfatal heart attacks and a 43% reduction in the incidence of ‘mini-strokes’ (transient ischemic attacks – TIAs). Bad News – a 1.85-fold increase in serious extracranial hemorrhage occurred.

The American Heart Association paper presentation (2014 Scientific Session Nov.16 ) revealed the benefits of low dose aspirin (100mg enteric coated) in elederly patients with hypertension, dyslipidemia (elevated cholesterol/trigylcerides) or diabetes mellitus are not there.

Bottom Line: folks at low risk of vascular events should not take aspirin even at low dose.


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Functional Medicine – The New Style of Medicine

Medical practice for too long has focused on treating the symptom(s)- ex. high blood pressure (HBP), rather then the underlying cause. It is better to deal with the chronic illness rather than its effects -enter FUNCTIONAL Medicine!

WE focus as Docs in the US on the end organ problem  of a disease – for high blood pressure – changes in heart, eyes and brain. Rather than a careful history (detailed diet, personal home and work life) genetics, physical exam and the person’s environmental situation. A cause or cluster of causes for the high blood pressure might be found and addressed rather than adding another drug to control the ‘number’.

Makes simple but profound sense to adjust diet, supplements, detoxify, exercise stress instead of hoping your HBP does not stroke or kill you.

ASK your medical professional do you practices FUNCTIONAL medicine?

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You CAN quit smoking!

MH900290958Is one of your New Year’s Resolutions to quit smoking? Vape and electronic (e-cigarettes) are not healthy, please read a recent blog to learn why.

Naturally never starting is best but at any point it is healthier to be a non-smoker, never mind that insurance carriers and employers can discriminate against smokers. Consider not only the money outlay and difficulty finding a place to smoke but how about living longer?

Perhaps the insights below can help.

- If you are like other smokers and you have tried before to ‘kick the addiction’ – learn from your previous attempts. What went wrong/right?

- The ‘buddy’ approach works great. Let your ‘world’ know, recruiting their support for the effort.

- Medication can help – seven FDA-approved medications (like nicotine patches or gum) really do help smokers quit. Most folks incorrectly use drugs or don’t use them long enough, please be sure to follow the directions.

The American Lung Association is a great resource for tips and tools PLUS a free support service is available whenever and as often as you have the need. You can call: 1-800-LUNG-USA (586-4872) or chat online with a counselor 


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Dangers of Electronic Devices Use by Children?

The science is there technology (inc. cell phones, internet, iPads, TV) is BAD for children under 12!


60% of parents do not supervise their child’s technology usage, and

75% of children are allowed technology in their bedrooms (Kaiser Foundation 2010).

75% of children aged 9 and 10 years are sleep deprived to the extent that their grades are detrimentally impacted (Boston College 2012).


Negative Effects:

- A developing brain overexposured to can develop attention deficit, cognitive delays, impaired learning, increased impulsivity and decreased ability to self-regulate, e.g. tantrums.

- Mental illness may be a factor in increasing child depression rate. Anxiety, autism, bipolar disorder, psychosis, and problematic child behavior have been found to result from overuse of technology.

-Radiation exposure coming from devices in form of EMF emission is classified as a ‘possible carcinogen’. The American Academy of Pediatrics in 2013 requested review of EMF radiation emissions from technology devices, citing three reasons regarding impact on children.

- Games are fun but solo games commonly violent lead to aggression in children.

- Addiction and sleep deprivation are seen in many studies.

- Obesity results from lack of physical activity

- Neck problem while children are still developing along with eye muscle changes from looking up close for prolonged periods.

There is more have a read of this link

Sad future for children who overuse technology! Please it is in your power to prevent technology hurting your child.



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Vape Not so Safe!

Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 3.11.50 PM
New work of the year per Oxford Dictionaries is “vape” defined as the act of smoking an e-cigarette.

 Touted as safer, more than a quarter of a million young people who had never smoked a cigarette used e-cigarettes last year, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said.

E-cigarettes function by heating flavored liquid, which may or may not contains nicotine, the created vapor is inhaled without smoke.

Japanese scientists tested and found up to 10 times the level of cancer-causing agents in one brand ‘vape’ versus regular tobacco. Carcinogens such as formaldehyde* and acetaldehyde were present in the vapor. Levels vary significantly according to brands. This direct quote will shock you!

“Especially when the… wire (which vaporizes the liquid) gets overheated, higher amounts of those harmful substances seemed to be produced.”

Pharmaceutical laws only regulate nicotine e-cigarettes not non-nicotine vapes.

Big tobacco companies are acquiring e-cigarettes makers, for fear of missing a snowballing global market worth about billions.

This study strongly supports that e-cigarettes are not the harmless products many people assume them to be.


*Formaldehyde — a substance found in building materials and embalming fluids — present at much higher levels than regular cigarettes



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Car First Aid Kit

If you have a car you must have a first aid kit on board. I prefer to carry one in the trunk so in case of an accident it does not become FirstAidKitairborne and cause bodily damage. Many new cars come with a kit in the trunk check it out as necessary add to its contents.

Contents are import ant do not think all commercially available kits are practical. When seconds count after a road accident, accessing the situation keeping calm and then carrying for situations like shock confusion, blood loss all while keeping yourself safe with a reflective belt or jacket. Assemble a water tight container that is reflective if possible otherwise be sure to have a reflective vest in your trunk (in case need to change tire). If you are off on a road trip tailor the kit for your environment, in Arizona we carry a gallon of water in the tire well.


Pressure dressing

adhesive dressings (ex. band-aid®)

Roller bandage

Triangle bandage

Scissor & splinter forceps

Safety pins

Protective (space) blanket

Adhesive tape

Antiseptic towelettes,

Triple-antibiotic ointment

Sting-relief wipes

Allergy-relief tablets (antihistamines)

Disposable gloves

I also add waterproof matches, flashlight, and collapsible plastic cup to my vehicle kit.

Make a kit as a gift for a loved one!


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Your ER Survival Guide

I wrote “Doc’s ER Guide” but soon realized that many of you thought it was for doctors and other medical folks. BUT I wrote it for Products_Kindle_YourERGuideeveryone else! Now a new title  “Your ER Guide” sums up what you need to know to navigate a visit to an Emergency Room (ER).

It is written candidly with lots of naked truths about all aspects of an ER experience -before during and after. What you should expect in the ER from an insider is in this affordable book. It is available in print and e formats. Visit your favorite online book store including Smashwords, Amazon, Kobobooks,  GoodReads or buy it from our website e store.  Read it before you need it.

FYI:  You don’t need a Kindle to read my books? Simply download a free Kindle reading apps–available for smartphones, tablets, and computers and you are good to go!

Books that can save lives & make great gifts!


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Foods For BrainPower

MH900438746The rant ‘eat this and not this’ is everywhere but do you reach for foods that can increase your brainpower? It is never to early to start! This short blog throws out or perhaps reminds you what to reach for to increase your brainpower:

- a new study just released from Columbia University links cocoa’s high level of flavanols (naturally occurring antioxidant) to reversed age-related mental decline in healthy older adults.

- beet juice taken by older subjects (>70 years), who then had brain MRIs showed a measurably improvement in blood flow. Apparently the nitrates, in beets, carrots and other brightly colored root vegetables, are converted into nitrite in the body. Nitrite, by the way, is the stuff that makes Viagra get its groove on.

- almond butter works because of its high concentration of Vit. E

- blueberries, high in flavanols an antioxidant and decreases inflammation

- green tea from ancient times is a powerful tool allowing the brain to learn faster

- cherry tomatoes, the deep red means more carotenoid content especially from the skin which is rich in lycopene (one of the carotenoids, plant pigment) boosts mood by inhibiting brain inflammation which results in depression.

 We welcome comments.

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Hi-Tech Blood Pressure Monitors

MC900433826There is more for our smart phone to do! Yes an App for blood pressure tracking (taking and recording). Those of us with high blood pressure – ‘hypertension‘ (HBP) should check/track our pressure to avoid stroke and heart attack and at times alter medication(s). Innovation is this area is wise –  1 in 3 Americans adults have HBP and nearly half  do not have their blood pressure under control. We need to check regularly and follow prescribed treatment. It is not wise to wait till next visit to the doctor.

Again here technology can help us take control of our lives! A new hi-tech ‘marvel’ might be just what many need to start self-monitoring. Numerous devices exist and measure, at the wrist or arm, and many are FDA cleared. If you are already happily self tracking with a $30 device no need to look at hi-tech mobile devices.

 Considering the strengths and weakness of each non-mobile and mobile device given what you would ‘tolerate’ use with ease have patience for. Decide what is best for you, one you do not find cumbersome. If you have an Apple device the new iOS 8 has HealthKit platform can integrate other Apps that monitor health facets.

Considerations: cost, ease or for many ‘fun’ to use.

What is out there:

- non mobile (dependent if arm not wrist model) $30 and up

- mobile range with the least expensive mobile $100. Compatibility with iOS, Android, Windows, and bluetooth feature.

A good and recent review of available wireless BP devices is worth a read.  FYI new crowd sourced device by Qardio (QardioArm Blood Pressure Monitor) will hit market early next year w approx. cost $100. ForaCare & maybe even Omron the most available from Wal-Mart to Costco are names to watch as they will bring mobile models to market.

Monitor your HBP or ‘blow a gasket’ that is possibly suffer a stroke!


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