Ever been told ‘get rid of the gum’? There are many good reasons not to be exerting while chewing. ¬†You do not think you’d choke – but it is a hazard! Chewing and trying to breathe thru your mouth does not come naturally also it results in a lower respiratory rate and increase stress on your trapezius muscle (base skull to between shoulder blades, in humans first muscular reaction to stress).Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 8.27.34 AM

Chewing_gumEven sugar free gum creates a risk; Aspartame (one of common artificial sweeteners) studies have shown it can over stimulate nerve endings causing muscular stress.

Do not discount the ‘number’ all artificial sweeteners do on your digestive tract!

Do you chew for the taste? I suggest brush your teeth with a different product or use a new mouthwash.

If you believe chewing gum prevents a dry mouth – your body is saying drink more water when you exercise.

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