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Doctors should give out prescriptions for “lifestyle changes”. Treatment and prevention of so many conditions can occur through lifestyle changes – eating well, stressing less, moving more, and loving more. These have been medically proven to help alleviate many conditions, from heart disease to cancer.

As we age, what we eat is ever more important. Neurogenesis – the growth and development of neurons – is affected dramatically but what we ingest. (See slide.)

Also, reversing aging at a cellular level – telomeres* – has been found to occur. A 3-month study showed that 501 genes were positively altered by lifestyle changes.

Diabetics who adhere to lifestyle changes have seen proven improvement in their lives, more so than if they were just taking medication. (See slide)

Other improvements include the long-term slowing of cancer growth (by stopping **) and the reduction of plaque and the reversing of the narrowing of arteries caused by fat deposits.

Many of us live in fear of dying rather than getting on living – embracing the joy of life and respecting one’s body and it’s ability to talk to one and heal itself. The Lifestyle Heart study by Dean Ornish, MD has been proven successful – it’s even approved and covered by Medicare. Success was not dependent on age and underlying condition, but rather on how much change in lifestyle occurred.


* Structure at end chromosomes that disappear as we age
** Development of new vessels within cancers