Little Known: The Immune System Wires Personality, Which Rules Death

immunity & personalityThe immune system is front and center with this pandemic raging. It is not a simple system, have a read of a recent blog dealing with COVID-19immunity. Also, have a listen to Immunity podcast and enjoy this insight. Little Known -the immune system directly links personality to the long-term risk of death. Sounds scary?  A recent study sheds new light on why people who are more conscientious tend to live longer.

Results from the new international study published in the Journal Brain, Behavior, and Immunity have found that the immune system plays a previously unknown role in the link between personality traits and long-term risk of death. Recall from previous blog activities of the immune system.IN YOUR DNA

The question is how is there a biological pathway? One that can be altered? Personality rules your risk of early death. Thru observation, it was shown that people scoring lower on the personality trait of conscientiousness (a tendency to be responsible, organized, and capable of self-control) can be at a 40% increased risk of future death compared to their higher scoring counterparts. Conscientious individuals – you know the personality – live longer as a result of their immune system, specifically due to lower levels of a biological marker called interleukin-6. Present in one of our genes and enhances antibody production. 

The study was drawing on data from the Midlife in the United States Longitudinal Study carried out on 957 adults who were examined over a 14-year period. Other centers were in Humboldt University, Berlin but principals worked at the University of Limerick, Ireland.

Aging Badass for The Immune System Age

It truly is badass, aging’s effect on our immune system! As the years pass, everything changes within and on the outer of our bodies. This blog, hopefully, will increase your knowledge of how the area of immunity! We hear from all caring sources – exercise no matter how long – move! Our body’s defenses are altered – and not for the better! Age brings inflammation and chronic inflammation reaps havoc throat our bodies’ systems. Not always bad inflammation is a natural part of the immune response and occurs when our body is healing or needs to fight infection.Aging Immune system

The immune system especially has a problem with chronic inflammation. Also, abnormally high levels of inflammation will occur with any affront to our system, including vaccination.

We begin to lose control over the immune system, now you know why the seniors need to be at a priority for vaccinations, even the healthy ones.

Inflammation part of the immune response also happens when our body is healing or needs to fight infection. Now you understand the title describing with age comes ‘badass’ issues. And when these high levels linger over a long period of time, it can cause tissue damage, which can even lead to the development of cancer.  Plain and simple! REfresh your background knowledge by listening to Doc’s podcast on Immunity.

aging Long-term inflammation also is known to cause shortening of telomeres (protective structures located at the ends of chromosomes), you’ve heard of them? 

The 2009 Nobel Prize went to Elizebeth Blackburn, Ph.D., the author of a must-read book – The Telomere Effect: A Revolutionary Approach to Living Younger, Healthier, Longer 

Lifestyle including diet, sleep, and exercise can alter the length of the telomeres. Longer telomeres are good and shorter telomeres are not good at all and associated with increased risk of cancer, with the liver being particularly susceptible to these changes. The fewer damaged telomeres, the less fat in the liver and longer you could live. Exercise surprises inflammation-driven cellular aging and tumor development.

Now to what got me going on this badass concept – a new study! Regular gentle exercise could play a role in reversing liver damage that can lead to cancer. The study was done in mice and next to be studied is us, humans.

A modest amount of aerobic exercise in mice reduced the levels of inflammation in the liver that develops from adding years, but was reversed and went on to prevent tumors from developing. Also noted that fat in the liver was reduced.

The lungs of the mice were also studied and found to decrease inflammatory markers including T and B lymphocytes that are integral to the proper function of the immune system. 

You may have heard them mentioned as memory cells once vaccination or infection occurs. They can recall the SARS-CoV-2 virus and make antibodies usually years later. However, with the current virus pandemic, it is not yet known how long our ‘immunity’ will last. 

This was published in the Journal of Immunology, was funded by Cancer Research UK.

Fight Viruses With These Foods

There are foods with antiviral properties and in this blog, I will share what I have learned. Antiviral properties are present in immune-boosting nutraceuticals, polyphenols, terpenoids, flavonoids, alkaloids, sterols, pigments, unsaturated fatty-acids, micronutrient vitamins, and minerals, including vitamin A, B6, B12, C, D, E, and folate, and trace elements, including zinc, iron, selenium, magnesium, and copper.

In this blog, I want to introduce a few specific foods that can fight viral infections.

Olive oil, especially extra virgin, is full of monounsaturated fatty acids, as well as several polyphenols (esp. Oleuropein and Hydroxytyrosol)  which have powerful antioxidative and anti-inflammatory characters. The polyphenol, Oleuropein, specifically has been shown to fight the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). Hydroxytyrosol has been shown to have an inhibiting effect on HIV from entering the host cell and binding. Also, this polyphenol can inactivate the effects on influenza A viruses.

Vitamin D-containing foods are antiviral. We have been hearing lots during the pandemic about this vitamin. It is found in dairy and its ability to battle COVID-19 and influenza infections has been uncovered. Vitamin D’s exact mechanism of action is not clear but it definitely helps lung protection against a virus in folks who have low levels of this vitamin.

Yogurt, you know is good for you, especially when you are taking antibiotics! But did you know yogurt has been shown to provide protection against the influenza virus, as well other RNA viruses? We know of its probiotic actions but it also has an impact on virus adsorption and internalization into cells specifically lymphocytic cells.

Garlic is always touted as being good for you, so much so tablets and capsules are in the vitamin section of almost all stores. The compounds in garlic that fight viruses, including allicin, diallyl trisulfide (Allitridin), ajoene, and quercetin. These compounds act by inhibiting the virus from attaching to cells and block the virus from copying itself. Garlic acts against influenza A, herpes simplex virus (HSV), and human cytomegalovirus.

Mushrooms have active anti-viral ingredients, these include polysaccharides and terpenoids. They deter the binding of HIV-1 protease and its ‘reverse transcriptase activity ( the virus’s RNA changes the DNA of the cell). Other viruses that mushrooms protect against include influenza A and cytomegalovirus.

Cyclotide-containing foods have long been used in Chinese plant medicine these bioactive chemicals are from edible wild vegetables, used for reduction of fever, detoxification, anti-inflammation, and pain relief. Think pumpkin, squash, zucchini, legumes,

This is not an exhausted listing so please do take a look at this article for other antiviral foods. The Illustration below is from the article. Fight Viruses With These Foods



Doc’s Message

Drugs alone can not protect us from all viruses, this is well known. The state of our bodies, especially our ‘resistance’ to viral infections is helped tremendously by what we put into our body – diet. Immunity arises quicker in healthy bodies. Knowing the helpful ingredients in our food sources is well worthwhile.

Super Nutrition For Your Skin

You are what you eat especially your skin shows it! What nutrition is best to affect healthy skin? I share what science has proven are the superfoods that are capable of helping your skin – the largest body organ. These foods also help our internal organs. Ensure your young loved ones start enjoying these foods.

Super Nutrition For Your SkinThe results of incorporating more nutrient-rich foods into your diet, you’ll see in the mirror!

Hear me out, please, Never too many orange & yellow fruits & vegetables on your plate- think not just carrots, but mango, cantaloupe, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin. Rich in vitamin C and A, carotenoids, and other antioxidants as well as magnesium.

Vitamin C impacts collagen think firmness youthful-looking skin. Vitamin A found to decrease sebum production reduction great for us with oily skin or acne-prone. Those carotenoids and other antioxidants in the orange and yellows help prevent UVA/B sun damage and keep our skin healthy and moisturized. Then there is the magnesium, content that’s important for relaxing, improved sleep, and decreased muscle and joint discomfort.

Other rich in Vitamin C (antioxidant) foods esp. kiwis, guava, blueberries, red peppers, and strawberries will attack free radicals. Free radicals are not good! That translates to less sunburn, wrinkles, and age spots.

Yes, don’t forget the legumes, a category (think grown as a crop) that includes peas, beans, lentils, and peanuts. They are an excellent source of zinc in your diet and have healing properties, help fight acne and other inflammatory skin problems.

Tomatoes are one of the only foods to have all of the important carotenoids like lycopene, lutein, and beta carotene. As mentioned above they shield against UV damage and yes wrinkles! Bonus, they also contain lots of vitamin C.

Broccoli is packed with so many things good for your health.  From vitamins A, C, and K for collagen production to lutein, and beta carotenoid it is chockfull of important nutrients for the skin. PLUS it also contains sulforaphane, which is believed to reduce the risk for specific kinds of cancer by limiting the damaging effects of carcinogens and triggering your body’s immune system to respond appropriately to cellular damage that can lead to cancer. Sulforaphane on the skin level protects against UV damage and helps maintain lifelong collagen production.

To be complete do not forget plain yogurt esp. Greek. Why Greek? More protein and less sodium and, because all lactose goes out with the whey, less sugar and carbohydrates. Added bonus, its thick consistency keeps you full longer. Yogurt’s probiotics have anti-inflammatory properties, think-less breakouts, and flareups like acne and psoriasis. Of course, it will promote hydration and smoother skin. And we all know how it helps good bacteria in our gut.

Yes, dark chocolate is also good for skin health. Antioxidant-rich will help with hydration making your skin less likely to sunburn, also improves blood flow. Any antioxidant makes it easier for nutrients to get to skin cells.

We’ve talked about the good and now the bad. 

A good rule is that food bad for your health is also bad for your skin. Processed food, foodstuff containing refined sugars, complex carbohydrates are going to accelerate or age us and can make any skin problem worst or cause a flareup.

Astonishing Medical News – Mushrooms, HIV, Depression

Prostate Saving Ingredient – White Capped Mushroomsastonishing medical news

Recently found that prostate cancer cells mixed with white button mushroom extract suppressed androgen receptor activity

The chemicals present in white button mushrooms may slow the progression of prostate cancer, Androgens, a type of male sex hormone, promote the growth of prostate cancer cells by binding to and activating the androgen receptor, a protein that is expressed in prostate cells,” the Beckman Research Institute of City of Hope, a comprehensive cancer center in Duarte, Calif

The original investigational study was done in mice.

Now a phase one clinical trial of white button mushroom powder for patients with recurrent prostate cancer is finding that the mushrooms reduced levels of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) in the blood, with minimal side effects.

HIV Vaccine -First Human Trialsastonishing medical news

HIV affects more than 38 million people globally, and other than a multidrug regimen, no vaccine has been in the cards till now. The clinical trial, IAVI G001, took place at two sites: George Washington University in Washington, D.C., and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, enrolling 48 healthy adult volunteers. Participants received either a placebo or two doses of the vaccine compound, eOD-GT8 60mer, along with an adjuvant developed by the pharmaceutical company GSK. Funded by Bill Gates foundation and grants from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).

The idea behind this novel approach is to aim to trigger the right ‘B’ cells—cells that have special properties giving them the potential to develop into broadly neutralizing antibodies (bnAb-secreting cells).

The vaccine showed success in stimulating the production of the rare immune cells needed to generate antibodies against the fast-mutating virus—and the targeted response was detected in 97 percent of participants who received the vaccine. Yes a small study group, and yes phase 1 but this might be just what it will take to protect from this devasting virus.

Depression In Your Blood

Worldwide, 1 in 4 people will suffer from a depressive episode in their lifetime. At present, the diagnosis of depression and its treatment are hit or miss. A ‘breakthrough’ study opens new light on many mood disorders by offering a promising blood test aimed at a precision approach to medical care.*

Young people — specifically those ages 18 to 24 — were mentally hit the hardest during the pandemic. Hard to study the brain of this population for mood disorders you can cut into it. So this blood identification of a biomarker is very helpful. The study of over four years of 300 participants used a four-step approach of discovery, prioritization, validation, and testing. each point when mood disorder was noted blood was drawn and studied for RNA biomarkers. The team also found that mood disorders are underlined by circadian clock genes — that is we have genes that regulate seasonal, day-night, and sleep-wake cycles.

This is the work of Alexander B. Niculescu, MD, PhD, Professor of Psychiatry at IU School of Medicine, who worked on finding blood biomarkers that track suicidality as well as pain, post-traumatic stress disorder, and Alzheimer’s disease.


Incredible COVID-19 Numbers, Variants, & Vaccine Failure

Incredible COVID-19 Numbers Need to unleash numbers to give perspective & Vaccine FailureNeed to unleash these numbers as of 4/16/21. A summary.

-More than 150,000,000 shots have been administered in the U.S. so far.

0.005% may have resulted in a serious side effect.

– fewer than 1 in every 13,000 vaccinations were infected post-vaccine.

  • Of those breakthrough cases, 29 percent were asymptomatic and 7 percent required hospitalizations. 

  • CDC releases that 74 of those vaccine recipients who had breakthrough infections died.

Six reported cases of blood clots in women following a Johnson & Johnson vaccination prompted the CDC this week to recommend a pause in the single-dose vaccine. More than 6.8 million doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine have been administered in the U.S., adverse reactions from vaccines are rare 

At least 550,000 Americans have died of COVID-19, a rate of 1,700 deaths per 1 million residents. More than 2 million Americans have been hospitalized with COVID-19 since August. That’s over 6,200 patients per million.

Washington state reported 4/14/21– 217 people among the 1.7 million fully vaccinated there have had breakthrough infections. Five deaths among patients ranging in age from 67 to 94, all with multiple underlying conditions, are under investigation there. 

New Variants have been numbered, that is their names. These causing a dramatic increase in cases due to multiple changes in the genome from the original SARS-CoV-2 virus. Previous variants only had one area of genome change.

B.1.617, first identified in India

B.1.526/ B.1.525, first identified in New York

B.1.427/B.1.429, first identified in California – more infectious 

Vaccine Failure

Please take a few minutes listening to my latest podcast then read on. “Primary vaccine failure” is when the body doesn’t mount a robust immune response. That could be caused by poor health, age, medication, or something wrong with the vaccine. “Secondary vaccine failure” is when immunity fades over time, or if the person is exposed to a different virus strain.

Bottom Line

The shots are safe. Even incomplete defense is better than none. And the small chance of experiencing a serious side effect from the vaccine is far outweighed by the danger of COVID-19.

PLEASE REMEMBER – If you’re experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, get tested as soon as possible — monoclonal antibodies must be given within 10 days of the onset of symptoms. they provide a defense till your body can make it’s own antibodies

Vaccine Failure

Please take a few minutes listening to my latest podcast then read on. “Primary vaccine failure” is when the body doesn’t mount a robust immune response. That could be caused by poor health, age, medication, or something wrong with the vaccine. “Secondary vaccine failure” is when immunity fades over time, or if the person is exposed to a different virus strain.



Discover The Free New COVID-19 Vaccines’

COVID-19 has now surpassed heart disease and cancer as the leading daily cause of death in the U.S. One American is dying of COVID-19 every 40 seconds at this posting.

The point is that now it is more than ever preventable. Everywhere you turn there is information on the 2 new COVID-19 vaccines – how they work, what they do and not do follow by how the company plays a key role. And they are free! I tuned in to the full FDA advisory committee meetings of both drug companies’ (Pfizer, Moderna) vaccine submissions in order to get all the medical information available. covid-19 vaccine

My blog objective is to let you in on the finer points of what is factually known to date. Critical is understanding FDA emergency use approval (EUA) meaning for the CIVID-19 vaccines. Incomplete data is why full approval did not occur. Questions exist and include how long immunity lasts and are what are the side effects beyond the known 60 days. Follow-up for 2 years is typical for full safety FDA endorsement. 

The two EUA approved vaccines use mRNA to carry information (S protein found on the surface of the SARS CoV-2 virus) into cells, telling cells to make the S protein then our body sees the S protein and starts to mount a defense against the foreign protein. The mRNA is gone from the body by 24 hours. A booster for 21 (Pfizer) or 28 days (Moderna)  is required. All vaccines are free. Plenty of scammers out there, be careful. Yes, your insurance will cover the administrative fee for actually giving you the ‘jab’.

We always have a choice, and you may have a choice which vaccine and when to receive the ‘jab’ (British term). If your COVID-19 risks are greater than the risk from taking an emergency use approved vaccine, then you should take a EUA vaccine. After vaccination, you are told to continue to mask up and socially distance. No determination yet for up to how long you must do so. The educated guess from both vaccine producers is that in 7-14 days after 2nd jab (booster) immunity can begin, yet unsure if you could be an asymptomatic spreader after having both jabs.

To be clear, presently, there are other vaccines in final human testing – Phase 3. These are more traditionally constructed. That is a different weakened virus (ex. adenovirus) that is coated with the S protein is introduced into the body. The body immediately starts to defend activating the immune system (listen to this podcast for more on the immune system).

So many questions persist regarding the nature of the protection acquired from these mRNA vaccines. Does the vaccine keep you from infecting others? Can it truly block transmission of the virus, which is often spread by infected people who show no signs of sickness?
How long does immunity last? It is unknown to date if either vaccine offers complete indefinite protection against infections. 

Studies show that the immunity for those who receive the vaccine lasts longer than immunity developed post COVID-19 infection (only 6-8 months due to B cell memory). Second, the studies have shown that antibody levels are 5-20% higher in those vaccinated as compared to those who had natural infection. Third, studies in those recovering from COVID-19 infection showed that the body’s response did not always produce antibodies correctly. Strange! Since, if someone has had chickenpox, there is no need to get immunized for chickenpox, but recovery from COVID-19 infection does not always produce full protection.

 Post Vaccine or no vaccine you must Wear Mask and social distance.

News Flash-new variant virus was discovered in the UK & South Africa, believed to be 70% more transmittable yet it is unknown if present approved vaccines will offer protection against these variants.

Benefits of Vitamin D

Vitamin D a nutrient present in a few foods, a hormone that our bodies produce has been long known to impact bone growth, bone healing, and boost immune system function. Hence I am taking extra D3 during this pandemic! The sun alone may not be able to meet our needs and actually, you need time to allow the ‘D’ from the rays to be absorbed into your body. So after sunning, no shower for at least 2  hours! Also, your skin color, time of year, and where you live are critical factors. Check how much you are getting daily and remember always better to get it from foods than supplements. Please if you are under 70 be sure you are getting 600 IU (15mcg)/day. Over 70 increase to 800IU(20mcg)/day. More than 4000IU/day is dangerous. The University of Florida provides examples of foods that contain vitamin D:

3 ounces (oz) of cooked sockeye salmon: 570 IU or 14 mcg.
3 oz of drained canned tuna: 240 IU or 6 mcg.
3 oz of drained canned sardines: 165 IU or 4 mcg.
1 cup of 1% fortified milk: 120 IU or 3 mcg.
6 oz of low-fat vanilla yogurt: 80 IU or 2 mcg.
three-quarters of a cup of fortified orange juice: 75 IU or 2 mcg.
1 serving of fortified breakfast cereal: At least 40 IU or 1 mcg.
1 large hard-boiled egg: 45 IU or 1 mcg.

But I digress, this blog is to share new info regarding Vitamin D’s influence in fighting Diabetes, Hypertension, and Dementia.


Long-term studies one over 6 years resulted in mounting evidence supporting the supposition that vitamin D gives our brains a boost. Prevention is the cornerstone of any disease, especially dementia. Those with deficiencies had the highest risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.


A  study, derived from the Nurses’ Health Study, found that daily supplementation of calcium and vitamin D was associated with a 33% lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes. That’s a big number!

Hypertension/Heart Disease

study, published in Circulation, followed more than 1,700 individuals (more than 5 years), without any cardiovascular disease to find a significant association in time between vitamin D deficiency and their development of cardiovascular disease.

Various other studies have also come to the conclusion that low levels of vitamin D may increase the risk of coronary artery or heart diseases.

– best when taking supplements buy vitamin in the D3 form


PODCAST – COVID-19 Immunity

The latest podcast addresses the big question of immunity to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. You have had the nasty thing and how long before your immunity ceases? ListenUp! Doc Handal shares the latest research and explains the basics of how a strong immune system responds. Have a listen via your favorite source to the COVID-19 immunity podcast.