You might be guessing what type of situation sends a child to an ER every 2 hours. Falls, abuse, fever, cold? Regretfully while avoidable, it is from exposure to beauty products in the home. Cosmetics shampoo and other personal care products can be toxic to children. Nearly 65,000 children younger than age 5 received ED care for cosmetic-related injuries from 2002 to 2016 -hence the stat 2/hr. in the USA.

Almost everything in your bathroom that can clean and improve your looks contains possible toxins. At top list is nail polish remover. Not only nail products but also hair and skin products can pause risk.

You might ask it smells so bad and probably tastes worst how can child swallow it.

3 of 5 cases are infants and toddlers under 2 years old -no surprise everything goes into their mouths. While most medications are in childproof containers, beauty products are not.