Trehalose, a stabilizing agent used in processed foods and products such as toothpastes, ice cream, breads, and gum, may play a role in the increased prevalence and toxicity of Clostridium difficile. This bacteria (one strain – 027) causes among other things life threatening bloody diarrhea according to recent article published in Nature.

Trehalose was labeled safe in 2000 by the FDA and that is when this strain took off making folks ill. Two glucose molecules with a bond, free of calories, a slightly sweet, it is added as a stabilizer ingredients. Used in all kinds of processed foods and products – from hand lotion to gum. So please add this to your look out list when reading ingredients esp. on breads and ice cream.

Recall whenever you are placed on antibiotics your natural gut bacteria that protects normally are killed off and bacteria like C. Difficile flourish!

I take and recommend probiotics everyday in your diet and more when placed on antibiotics.