Make this one of your top resolution for 2023! Bone Health is up to you!  It makes sense, given that 20 percent of American women ages 50 and older have osteoporosis and that more than another 50% have detectable bone loss (osteopenia). For men, the respective figures are lower: 4 percent and a third. Worldwide, one out of three women over the age of 50 and one out of five older men will develop a fracture from poor bone strength (osteoporosis) — a hip, a wrist, a vertebra, or two.

Several study results on nutrition and bone health have been wildly inconsistent.
Fact: bone is constantly changing, remodeling, and reshaping hence our gut must absorb the needed building nutrients.

Calcium, Vitamin D as well as boron, and Vitamin K2 have been identified as important.

Do we get enough calcium and vitamin D in our diets? 

A New Year Resolution Take Care of Your Bones

Osteoporotic wrist fracture – poor bone density

A New Year Resolution Take Care Of Your Bones

Prevention Would Have Been Better


Today more than a third of American adults ages 60 and older pop supplements 

Surprisingly, a study published this summer in the New England Journal of Medicine, found after five years adults having the correct level of vitamin D did not improve bone density, or for that matter decrease the risk of cancer or heart.

Individuals in the study did not have osteoporosis to start with, so the question remains do adults with osteoporosis need more Vitamin D and calcium or for that matter supplements

Break out the tofu and sardines! 

Calcium recommendations are age dependent. Sadly federal surveys show only 61 percent of Americans and about half of the children meet these recommendations.

So for me to get the needed 1200mg of Calcium daily I must have three cups of plain yogurt or nearly nine cups of cottage cheese a day, I miss it! Supplements are often needed. It is always best to get nutrition from food rather than from pills because so many other wonderful things come along with it.

Other things in our diet like coffee for example affect bone health. If you have over 6 cups a day you actually will cause bone loss. Excess alcohol is not good because it does not allow vitamin D to work.

It is a MYTH that sparkling water affects bone health. However, soda pop may affect bone growth.

I don’t want to close without mentioning exercise, along with nutrition for bone health. Exercise is important because muscle action on bone helps mold, form, and reshape our bones. Because your body weight is supported by bones, simple walking helps. Studies say daily at least 4,000 steps for those over 70 or 10,000 if you are younger.  Running, up and down steps, are also helpful for good bone health.

If supplements are recommended (I use them) please recall not all are helpful. In the past, I have mentioned Consumer Lab as a reliable tested site for OTC supplements. Please reread the blog.

To a health 2023!