Our body makes earwax as a normal function albeit some us make more than others! The precise service it has remains a mystery and for most part the body self cleans. It has been shown to be a protective antibacterial barrier. Common misconceptions are: ears need to be cleaned and another a cotton tip applicator needs to be used.

Here are a few considerations:


-Use OTC ear drops to soften and then flush

– Use designed ear-irrigating devices

– Go to have ears cleaned by a professional



– Flush your own ears

– Use a water dental flosser too much pressure head even on lowest setting

– Put anything in your ear to assist in cleaning

– Use ear ‘candling’ – does not work

– Over clean earwax is protective barrier


POI: A 20 year study (1990-2010) found an average of 34 ER visits per day for ear pokes in US.

Like too many other age related changes – earwax production increases as such it has a lower oil content so it dries rather than dissolve itself hence – blockage that leads to decrease hearing.

Please suspect too much wax when you develop; ear pain, itching, ringing ears, fullness sensation and decreasing to total hearing loss in affected ear. Time for action!