I want you to know no matter what your community or government says it would be very smart to wear a mask. Communities that don’t mandate mask use, have a higher incidence of spread. By now you’re smart enough to know that masks make a difference.

Protect yourself while protecting others – that is what wearing a mask is all about!

Many of us have several cloth masks hopefully you have a three-layer cloth mask or one with 2 laters plus a changeable filter. How to wear and clean properly is critical otherwise why wear? Remember:

  • Be sure there is a seal on the sides and nose. If it clouds your glasses it is not making a seal. Be sure it is snug sealing the sides on your face and nose.

  • Be sure the mask is clean, and that by washing and drying the fit does not change. I place my mask in a UV-C lightbox then wash it in hot water and air dry.

  • Be careful not to touch your nose when wearing and taking off the mask.

  • Before and after use – wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds.  All recent research points to the fact that it is through the nose that the virus comes in and quickly does the most damage.

Follow these guidelines:

  • replace the mask should become damp, and keep it in a secure place so you can wash it with hot water,

  • as you remove your mask always do so from behind to avoid spreading germs,

  • if it’s a single-use mask throw it in the trash that has a li.

 I know I’ve been touting wearing masks, but you should know there are certain situations where mask should not be used:

  •  a child under two,

  •  a person who has trouble breathing,

  •  or a person who cannot put the mask on or take it off by themselves.