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Doc Handal.com suggests a few health resources you may want to start for online health/medical searches.

There are so so many health-related sites to look for medical-related info sadly NOT all are accurate – so be discriminating. Before making a change to your healthcare plan check with a healthcare provider you respect. We strive to be non-commercial, however, some websites offer tremendous factual resources. Rest assured we receive no compensation.

Linking to a website does not constitute an endorsement by Doc Handal of that website’s employees or of the sponsors. Nor does Doc Handal guarantee the information and products presented on the website.


CDC -COVID19 – US medical source

WHO Dashboard COVID-19 – a global overview

Coronavirus Information for Older Adults

Retirement Insecurity during COVID


Broad-Based Medical Information

Pub Med (National Library of Medicine)

National Institute of Health –  ‘turning discovery into health’ their motto -great search engine

Medline Plus (A Service of National Health Institute)

WebMD (Drug & more)

RxDangers (Drug recalls, side effects, litigations, medical device issues)

Drugs – interactions great for all levels – dosages alerts, FDA recalls, and more

Women Health – health topics A-Z


Checking out websites is often the first step to recovery, please view as many as it takes for you to feel comfortable then call! The following are among the many private and government entities that seek to control, treat, and restrict the use of addicting chemicals including drugs:

NIDA- Common Drugs of Abuse

Partnership for a Drug-Free America

D.A.R.E. America

DEA- (Drug Enforcement Administration)

Drug Strategies -provides information on types of addictions, substance abuse research, treatment center listings and listings for AA and NA meetings

Addiction Guide – basic to the latest information, lots specifics, detailed latest treatments

Mobile Apps for Addiction – to help you recover on the GO! Plus more resources 

Drug Rehab –  health and legal background

                                          Facilities & Considerations  – worth investigating

Treatment-centers.net is a community-based public-benefit website connecting people to the addiction resources they need including for seniors,  free to the public

Addiction Center – educational information and helpline for individuals and loved ones. Nationwide treatment center resource

Recovery Village – multiple facilities nationwide treating a range of addictions

Want to quit smoking? Way to go, recognize what it takes

Help someone quit! Strength and support you need to help

Push someone to quit -Buy someone a 3-month gift membership to an online program to help them ‘kick the stick’ privately!

Detox & Sleep – Overnight process of recovery includes critical rest to learn more

Rehab Help – advice center where to start for US & Canada programs

Drug Rehab – free information to acclaimed rehab centers nationwide, and a plethora of other resources on relapse and recovery


AIDs information starting point

AIDS News and Resources

Federally Approved Research

CDC Divisions of HIV/AIDS Prevention





Mayo Clinic

Medline Plus

Consumer Health reference

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)


Substance Abuse Information

Alcohol Abuse in Elderly by National Council for Aging Care


Blood  Pressure

American Heart Association


Child Abuse


Child Help



National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse

American Diabetes Association

Diabetes Help Center (Free Library)

Diabetes Help USA (supplies and information)

Diabetes Type 2 (Healthline)

Healthline/Consumer Reports – perspective on medications

Global topic approach -A dental practice site responsibly addresses Diabetes and oral health. Also points to other aspects including links such as NIH

Type 1 Diabetic Research -global advocacy and funding organization for type 1 diabetes (T1D) research

First Aid For Diabetes – good overview of  first aid specific for Diabetics found on a for-profit educational site

Technology and Diabetes – Review and basics are regards Apps to assist you in improving your health

Dietary Guide D. M. Type 2 – Basic thru to planning, timing, and more. Under the Good Rx effort to help with knowledge and cost.



Drug Information– (mentioned above under ‘Broad-Based Medical Information’) – information, pill identifier by appearance also has interactions section. Be sure to read FDA alerts and ‘Pharmaceutical News and Articles’

Web MD (mentioned above under ‘Broad-Based Medical Information’)similar site as Drug.com including latest drug news, however, included vitamins and supplements prominently

Good Rx – discount resource allows you to see in advance price at various pharmacies. ALSO offers online medical visits.

Singlecare – another worthwhile checking out discount

Flu & Viral Illnesses

CDC: Novel H1N1 Flu (Swine Flu) and You

Flu Information

Zika Virus

Health & Technology  (for consumers)

American Association of Anxiety & Depression – review of Mental Health Apps-

Health Informatics – programs at the university level, an excellent resource

Medpage Today – professional site with dedicated  ‘medical apps.com ‘




Quality Sleep  – consideration with specifics inc. by mattress companies as well as sleeper types, medical conditions and more

Nutrition – overview calories, nutrients, serving size, % DV plus how to understand labels



American Association of Poison Control Centers

Poison Help

Poison Resources (Dept. Health and Human Services)

Pet Poison Help 


Senior Health

COVID-19 – Resources for seniors and caregivers in this pandemic

Caregivers – the American Heart Associations online guide

Caregiving – a resource for all considerations/aspects of caregiving. I especially like the ‘Resources’ tab which includes authoritative notations on common medications prescribed in senior health matters

Prescription Cost Help – Medicare options to help save on prescription drug cost

Care At Home Considerations – home modification ideas

How to Safely Pick up a Senior After a Fall – Please read in advance of an event

Exercise for Senior Women –  go red for women guide

Moving Tips for Seniors and People With Disabilities – a worthwhile blog of general practical considerations during an important lifestyle change

Senior health exercise – a comprehensive resource guide

Legal Resources –  focused on seniors as well as g finding lawyers in your area

Medical Alert Systems – a well-known way to communicate medical information when you can’t. Jewelry & more ways to tailor with specific tailored medical information

Academic Guide to Senior Health and Safety – a resource for many aspects including nutrition, assisted the living, elder abuse, exercise, scams crimes, and safety

Help For Seniors with Addiction – nonprofit, the National Council on Seniors Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Mesothelioma Help Now – a comprehensive website for this diagnosis

Addiction Treatment Center for Senior – a free community-based resource for a senior addiction treatment center

Seniors and Financial Hardship  -Gov. website ‘eldercare’ broad-based resource
Financial assistance – out of the box ideas to pay for care


Ultimate sleep guide – Tuft website has every aspect relating to sleep from the science behind it to detailed tips objectively investigated. Also, articles by medical professionals debunking sleep myths, why sleep deprivation lowers productivity and creativity at work and more.


Teen Help

Teen Suicide

Teen Pregnancy



 digital health solutions including ‘Virtual Doctor Visit’  most personal physicians and practices are offering this type of ‘visit’, so ask! don’t have a medical provider or are concerned about payment, consider below, as well as others you might discover online or from referrals. 

Good Rx Care – no insurance needed, virtual connection for care and prescriptions. Services list type of conditions cared for

PlushCareis HIPAA compliant, provide primary care and mental health thru virtual contact with MDs profiles visible on the website