Dr. K aka Doc Handal, M.D.


A long-standing believer in consumer education; she knows it does make a difference. Her thesis for lay education is that “we physicians need to come down to the consumer’s knowledge level to bring them up towards ours”. She preaches ‘medical common sense’ and is well understood, as she uses simple yet accurate examples in non-medical terms. Her ability to explain medical concepts makes her a popular choice whenever the media requests a physician’s expertise.

Dr. Handal’s first book, “The American Red Cross First Aid & Safety Handbook”, (Little, Brown & Co.) was written for the lay audience. The launch for this book included an impressive multi-media publicity tour of 10 major cities. Popularity and visibility with non-medical persons have resulted in her hosting and co-hosting talk-radio health shows. She has also made numerous TV appearances including on CNN and the Today Show. In addition, Dr. Handal has written numerous articles for popular magazines and served as Medical Director of Parentzone.com for three years. Dr. Handal has been contributing editor to numerous professional medical books, as well as the lay press, starting with Richard Platt’s (ed.), “The People’s Medical Answer Book” (Prentice Hall). She authored “Sensible ECG” (Delmar) a three-book series written for the professional medical audience. Doc’s Guides written as a series to share medical information with laypersons. The series presently includes Doc’s First Aid Guide, Guia Simple de Primeros Auxilios, Doc’s Guide de Premiers Secours, Your ER Survival Guide. These are available in many outlets online (Smashwords, Amazon, Kobo, iTunes, Barnes & Noble) in ebook and print formats.

Dr. Handal served as a Senior Examiner for The American Board of Emergency Medicine,  a Site Reviewer for the Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services, and an active instructor for the American Heart Association.

Dr. Kathleen Handal

A practicing board-certified emergency physician with over 26 years of patient care experience, she continues activities in medical education and with national professional involvements. She has lectured internationally from Australia to China and Russia. Dr. Handal served as a Senior Consultant for Associated Systems for Search Education Research & Training for Academic Medicine (ASSERT) and an active member of the National Association of Medical Communicators for 15 years. DocHandal is one of the experts at sharecare.com, Dr. Oz’s health, and wellness social media platform. Presently she is an educator and consultant in areas of Emergency Medicine including first aid, mass gatherings for lay and professional audiences. She continues to author and co-author on relevant medical topics  – the latest publications are related to the pandemic of COVID-19. Journal of EMS publications include: ‘The Ethics of PPE and EMS in COVID-19 Era’, ‘Paramedicine Strategic Planning, and ‘Occupational Fatalities Among EMS Clinicians and Firefighters in the New York City Fire Department; January to August 2020′. ‘COVID-19 fatalities among EMS clinicians’ was published online by EMS1.

Dr. Handal won an International Cindy Competition (Bronze Medal) and Telly Award (Finalist) for medical videos focused on workplace emergencies. As part of her dedication to public education, she wrote, directed, and produced “Trauma Run”, a nationally distributed video for grades K2-6. The video was produced in Spanish and English and is designed to teach children how to respond and what to expect from emergency medical personnel when no adults are available. Dr. Handal enjoys sharing her medical insights in many ways with the newest outlet being live stand-up comedic performances.

Dr. K has over 100 podcasts available on her iTunes channel – ‘Doc Handal Speak! Listen Up

This page is not a comprehensive ‘bio’ of Dr. Handal’s professional life.  A comprehensive resume is available.