If you read my blogs I try to impress on readers that medication even OTC are not totally safe. A recent study in children found those taking attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) medication had a double risk of cardiac problems versus those ADHD children not on meds. Overall this was a small number, but noted along with an inverse dose relationship. Implications that stopping medication or lowering may trigger a cardiac event. Prescribing info for methylphenidate (Ritalin) and similar drugs DO lists cardiovascular events under “Side Effects”.

Danish children diagnosis of ADHD were followed for 9 years: 8,300, 5,482 received stimulant drugs and the remainder did not. Two groups were compared to arrive at above finding, please note that  other factors (family history, smoking during pregnancy, exposure) were not considered. These would be termed ‘confounders‘ in medical research.

My recent blog (7/27/14) on food dyes use and behavior problems in children hints to perhaps the increase in the US of diagnosis of ADHD. At best the diagnosis of ADHD is an educated guess, be sure before putting any ‘chemical’ into your body and especially allowing a child to be given one.