Emergency Action Tips



Whom should you call in a medical emergency? Making the first phone call in an emergency can save precious seconds but sometimes –it is not a clear issue where to turn Stay with us & we’ll give you a list that will help you decide when to call 911

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When any of these situations occurs you should call Emergency Medical Services EMS or 911

  • If a person is not breathing, has no pulse, is unconscious or has signs of shock
  • When a person is so ill or injured they cannot move easily on their own
  • If a person is having extreme difficulty breathing or is having a seizure
  • If there is a serious head injury or a person has injured their neck or back
  • If you suspect a broken bone and the person can’t move on their own
  • If a person is passing out or vomiting large amounts of blood or is bleeding

Call EMS if you are dealing with a serious medical problem

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