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Doc Handal’s opinion is that persons need to be educated, respected and enlisted to help us medical folks do a better job of taking care of all. Doc Handal provides medical common sense as easy-to-understand information to help create a strong base upon which consumers can build their knowledge, enabling them to make better health care decisions.

Her style respects that you know the most about your body.


Sample Episodes:

Podcast Episode“Advanced Medical Directives

Know how to direct your medical care even when you unable to speak out.  DocHandal let’s you in on the facts, needed papers, their subtleties and workings. Get the basics on this critical health matter.


Podcast Episode“Metabolic Syndrome (MetS)-Find Out”

This condition almost always guarantees you’ll have Cardiovascular disease (CVD) and Diabetes. So what is it? Frank and easy to understand DocHandal shares medical information for you to check yourself and act on.


Podcast Episode#1 Killer & You -CVD

You’ll be shocked by the incidence of Cardiovascualr Disease (CVD) and more specifically the numbers for Heart Attacks/Myocardial Infarction (MI). Learn from the ‘Doc’ the odds and what places you at risk. Recognize what you can do about it.  Consider yourself warned.


Podcast Episode“Cold Exposure-Frostbite”

Our bodies require balance in all things! Temperature below 97?F (36?C) can cause havoc. Frostbite is a common injury . Be the smart one! Hear from DocHandal about prevention and care.


Podcast EpisodeDeep Vein Thrombosis Can Happen to You! Common-Deadly!

Learn risks, who to recognize and what care you need if you get this vein condition. Prevention is key, so listen up for your role and more of DocHandal’s medical sense.


Podcast EpisodeBlood Testing & You”

The low down on what to do beforehand during and after a tube of your blood is taken! Suggestions will give you insights that can make a difference for you. More useful advice from DocHandal.


Podcast Episode“Tips on Dealing with Doctors”

The many do’s and don’ts from an long time insider, calling it as it is. No sugar coating to this information sharing.


Podcast Episode “Blood Pressure and You”

Plenty of insider tips so you’ll be sure your true blood pressure is recorded. High blood pressure kills!


Podcast EpisodeA Woman’s Heart”

Debunking myths about the female heart!  Guys you can learn  MORE about the her true heart by listening up!


Podcast EpisodeBe Smart When It Comes to Babysitters”

How to be sure your sitter is up to the job!  Medical common sense approach to leaving your child with a sitter. DocHandal’s tips that will give you peace of mind as you relax away from your ‘angels’.


Podcast Episode“Doctor’s Fees”

Ask not for a ‘Discount’-But ‘Special Consideration. Don’t be shy, DocHandal shares ways to say money when seeking medical care.


Podcast Episode “The Older Adult Heart”

Insight into the geriatric heart from someone who knows and cares. DocHandal shares what changes can occur with time to men and womens’ hearts.


Podcast Episode“Pregnancy Q & A”

Life does change when one is ‘with child’, but does travel and enjoyment need tochange?  A few important words of caution you should hear from DocHandal.


Podcast Episode“Exercise Induced Asthma”

Exercise-induced asthma is difficulty breathing that is triggered by physical activity. You can have this condition even if you do not have asthma at other times.  Listen up and find out  more. Learn about this common condition and what exertions do and don’t bring it on.


Podcast Episode“Glaucoma -Worth the Look!”

Doc Handal’s low down on the facts about this disease of the optic nerve. Learn what glaucoma is, it’s causes, risks, types and care.


Podcast Episode#1 Cancer In the USA

Skin cancer is found in 1 of 5 Americans- learn about this all too common cancer and how to prevent it.Aging rays and burning rays are out there, so let DocHandal make you smarter and keep your safe.


Podcast Episode

“Head Injury, So Common So Serious”

Learn from an ER Doc about head injuries. Trauma to the head is all too common and fortunately only  a small percentage results in permanent brain damage. Foreknowledge is critical. Don’t be frighten for the wrong reasons, DocHandal’s latest podcast will give you the signs, tell you what not to do and what you can do when someone get a blow to the head and perhaps a concussion.

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