Do you want to be resuscitated? Who will decide your medical care when you are unconscious? If you can’t speak on your own behalf who is going to assist in all medical decisions? Medical staff look for a living will and or a medical power of attorney (MPA).

In the USA, 2 of 3 adults have completed advanced directives. Many older and seriously ill individuals have them but not all. Please read and consider completing for your self and your circle.

Living Will (think of as end of life care) specifies what exactly you want to be done should you become unresponsive ex. resuscitation (CPR), intubation (a tube placed) so machine can breathe for you, tube feeding. Such terms as ‘comfort only’, ‘limitations of treatment’, ‘direction to prolong life’ are found. In a living will you predetermine, if not medical staff will look for direction from family, even ex-wifes’, relatives. Will they just be guessing think you might want done. In addition, organ donation is an option to address.

Excerpt (partial) from living will

In health care a MPA document names an individual to act, as your medical decision maker should you become incapacitated. This should be a person who knows you well, the person that you put in your contact list as your I.C.E. contact -In Case of Emergency. A person who knows your health conditions, medications, allergies, and your end of life wishes.

Pragmatically many states have combined both documents. In Arizona ‘The advanced directive registry’ is free to electronically file and store your medical directives. Please check in your state what resources are available to download and complete. Notarization is usually necessary.

Please explore this sample “Living Will’

Please let us doctors know what you want!