Have you seen an AED in a public place you frequent? My heart soared recently when I walked into my bank branch in Phoenix  and saw an AED was ON the wall.  Yes to know I could benefit whither I applied the device to save someone or had it used if my heart should flutter into not making a  pulse. So hurrah!

Know about  “AEDs” – Automated External Defibrillators – CPR alone is not always enough when someone collapses and the heart has to be restarted. AEDs save lives if used right away for certain types of cardiac arrests. Hearts can go into different electrical silence patterns when they stop pumping a pulse.

 This computerized medical device analyzes the heart and delivers electric shock (defibrillation) when needed through connected adhesive pads. The AED and you work through visual and audio prompts. User instructions (usually voice) are simple and directions are given one step at a time. Don’t be scared! Take 3 minutes and go to this AHA video – there is a online course to teach CPR and AED. Have a get-together for your closest friends and all of you learn!

aed wall

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