Don’t have a doctor? If not there is now a new option. Don’t have insurance better yet there is a relatively reasonably priced Doc in a kiosk near you.
At the kiosks, you input your health specific and compliant details following prompts. No worries your vitals are taken just like in doctor’s office. You can even self-exam with a stethoscope in some there are cameras so to exam throat ears nose!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) programmed to dispense medical advice will generate a possible diagnosis. Finally, you will be video connected to a physician that is a medical adviser aka doc live on screen. You then can interact and have questions answered.
Prescription(s) as needed will be generated, and off you go, too, I trust, getting better!

All for $75. w/o insurance. The process takes approx. 25 min. Shorter than getting an appointment, going and waiting to see a doctor in an office. Something worthwhile to keep in the back of your mind.