You hear from many sources that wine can be good for you – in moderation like everything else we ingest!MH900412774

Customary advice was to continue if you regularly drink wine (preferably red) in moderation. Moderation is 1-2 glasses for men and one per day for women. What if you never drank wine regularly, should you start when you are older (>60)?

A two-year study of 224 patients with type 2 Diabetes (in Israel) funded by European Foundation for the Study of Diabetes showed white wine improves glucose control while red wine improves HDL (good) cholesterol levels. Noteworthy is the fact that the red wine given to the patients had ‘sevenfold higher levels of total phenols and 4 – 13 fold higher levels of the specific resveratrol compounds than the white wine’.

So drink to your health!