Listen Up – V_webpic_003The new way to consume alcohol. If you want to get the effects of alcohol faster or avoid the tell tail sign of consuming alcohol (breath odor), use a  “Vaportini”! A receptacle that allows heat from a candle (140º) to vaporize your alcohol drink so that the you can inhale and get alcohol into blood stream faster and more efficiently. More for less – since drinking alcohol results in only about 15% being absorbed into the blood.

A unique internet purchase –  “Vaportini” recommends only 1 oz. alcohol to be taken using this device.

Alcohol addiction and poisoning is very possible given its effects are much faster than drinking and less expensive.

Do not dismiss the potential for lung side effects. Alcohol is known for ‘denaturing’ tissue one of the causes of oral cancer.

Just wanted to give you all a ‘heads-up’ on new and possibly dangerous gimmicks.