Do you suffer from allergies? One in seven of us do! A 30% increase in the amount of Americans suffering from allergies was noted between 1970 and 2010. In the EU, hospital admissions for serious allergies have increased sevenfold in the decade leading up to 2013. Food allergies have increased 50% in children since 1997. We are in the throes of an epidemic!

This blog is about potentially great news regarding allergens in the air – B vitamins may ward off the effects of air pollution.

A small but intriguing study shows that taking water soluble vitamin Bs can impact effects of air pollution.

Folate (sometimes called vitamin B9), vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 can impact what air pollution does to your heart rate, ECG tracing and white blood cell counts (WBCs).

Naturally it is preferred that our air not contain particle matter (PM) the size of 2.5mm, as in this study. Further studies are underway to verify and determine how much vitamin intake it takes. But, as we are bombarded with TV commercials for drugs that can ‘tame’ our bodies response to inhaling, it is exciting news that all these expensive, imperfect drugs could be replaced by vitamins!

NOTE: there are pundits that think that air quality is not a concern.