You can say “No” to a Rx

A pet peeve of mine aggravated this time of year by the increase of upper respiratory illnesses (URIs) is inappropriate use of  Antibiotics (Abx -medical shorthand).  Yes we can get a sore throat or a bout of productive cough (acute bronchitis) but unless  ‘immune suppressed’ (either from medication or immune disease) the body will win over the virus that cause over 90% of these infections. Many studies show bacteria cause only 10%. Have a read of the blog on ER testing for flu. Abxs do not kill viruses ONLY bacteria!

Why put a chemical – drug into your body unnecessarily? And please do not play the ‘out of a abundance of caution’ card. Over prescription of antibiotics remains a huge problem and I am ignoring the cost side but the real harm is the resulting emergence of ‘superbugs’. There are other complications, these Abx wipe out your ‘good’ gut bacteria (intestinal flora), hence whenever prescribed an Abx  take a probiotic (diet or pill). Side effects abound commonly nausea or diarrhea. Some individuals especially but not exclusively in Diabetics, yeast infections commonly occur when taking an Abx. So do not ask for an Abx actually ask if one is really necessary.