Is Diet soda or anything for that better? Fact: diet soda drinkers, over the course of the 9.5-year study  (School of Medicine at The University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio), ended up with a 70 percent greater in belly bulge increase.

Thought to be safer than aspartame & saccharin recently sucralose is the artificial sweeteners du jour. This web site list products that contain surcalose.

Much sweeter tasting than all other available artificial sweeteners it is found in brand names Splenda, Zerocal, Sukrana, SucraPlus, Candys, Cukren, and Nevella.

A study* however showed it can lead fat changes at the cellular level that are flat out bad. This study actually taking fat cells periodically from the study group (surcalose users) studied stem cell and how gene expression was effected over time. Also and critically is can lead to Diabetes.

Can anything artificial be good fro your body? Using this information I know you will make a smart, healthy decision.

BTW -The phosphoric acid (adds tartness) in these drinks is what erodes teeth enamel.