About Food Allergies

I want to share a few insights into allergy terms in this blog, that I think can be helpful.

Food Intolerance

No one knows precisely why food intolerances occur. what is known however is that 5-13% of folks with food intolerance have IBS. Common foods, self-reported, as causing problems are milk wheat eggs and onions.

Food Allergies  & Exercise

This is a condition where if you eat certain foods (celery/wheat ) within 4 hours before exercising an allergic reaction severe (Anaphylaxis) can occur. However, if that person ate those offending foods greater than 4 hours prior to exertion, there would be no problem. If they do not exercise at all no problem is noted with those particular foods


Onions A Day

In a recent study in China, for instance, adults who ate high amounts of garlic, leeks, and onions (known as allium vegetables) had a 79% lower risk of developing colorectal cancer than adults who consumed low amounts. Increased consumption has been implicated in lowering risk for certain cancer types, especially stomach and bladder.

Allium vegetables are a great source of quercetin, a flavonoid with significant antioxidant properties. Lots of natural fruit and ancho peppers to name two contain quercetin, do have a look at this helpful chart. If you have not already read the previous post on Garlic, it is worth the short time it takes. They also decrease  LDL-low density-the bad cholesterol!

Quercetin from onions is absorbed in twice the rate of from teas and other fruits like apples. These vegetables, of course, contain other powerful beneficial chemicals for example onions also contains organosulfur compounds known to have anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, antimicrobial, and antithrombotic activity.

Domestic Tip: Don’t want to cry when you cut onions put it in refirg for an hour before cutting.



Eat Garlic & Leeks

Always touted in media that garlic is good for you. Documented it lowers total cholesterol and blood pressure w added value of deterring Vampires! Not enough research results yet to know if can help with cancer and Diabetes.

Leeks a cousin to onions and garlic also affects blood pressure and reduces cancer. It is chockfull of kaempferol, a flavonoid (also found in w tea, kale, broccoli, cabbage). A 40% decrease in ovarian cancer was found in the “Nurses Study” when women diets contained the most kaempferol. You want to bottle kaempferol for its actions, make it an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, anticancer, cardioprotective, neuroprotective, antidiabetic, anti-osteoporotic, estrogenic/antiestrogenic, anxiolytic, analgesic and antiallergic potential.

If kaempferol was in a pill form, it would make the pharmaceutical company more than Viagra.

Pill Burden

A new problem for both patients and medical providers has recently been legitimized – ‘pill burden’. Many patients are taking their medication with no benefits. Were they ever instructed on when to take the prescription medication? I want to discuss this as many of us take more than a few pills a day, especially given all the supplements that are touted to be beneficial That is when the specifics of how, when and with what are they been taken should be discussed. Some medical providers do not ask, they just increase the dose or change the prescription. Was medication worthless?

Everyone knows – wither it is followed or not- to drink 8 oz. of water with all pills. However, does it matter that you take 5 or more pills at once? Which can be taken all at once?

We all tend to make our lives simpler, but should timing and consolidating medications be part of that effort? Certain medication should be given at specific times and meals may play a role in absorption.

It does matter which pills are swallowed at once.  You know it does, just like what time of day medication is taken matters! Thyroid medication, for example, should be taken before breakfast. Even for some supplements timing matters for optimal benefit – red yeast rice, for example, should be take in evenings with a meal.

Do not presume that because you listed all your medications and supplements that your doctor is going to take the initiative to discuss timing and combinations. Drug interactions can also be checked online at sites such as drugs.com and others. But you also need to ask the doctor how many can be taken at a time.

Again you are in charge of your health – ASK!

Low Blood Sugar – Need To Know It Is Happening

Too much is Diabetes to little is also bad! Diabetics can suffer from this when medication and diet are not in harmony. Hypoglycemia is also a medical condition in non-diabetic persons. Sugar can give us energy it is metabolized and used in our bodies for important actions.

You need to know warning signs, symptoms, and medical care. If you experience weakness, dizziness, shakiness, fast heartbeat, anxiety or headache, hunger, irritability, sweating including at nite you may have low blood sugar.

Since we are individuals symptoms will vary from person to person, some have no symptoms. Realize that tiredness, a fogged brain, being on edge. As blood sugar drops epinephrine (adrenaline pours into the bloodstream to raise sugar up after time depletion occurs and brain function is altered causing fog anxiety even passing out.

The brain consumes about 25-20% of carbohydrate you consume.


Get a medical diagnosis don’t guess. Keep a diary, present that information to your health care provider, and follow suggestion on dietary intake.


More Is Better!

A multiple-center observational study of over 4,600 adults in New Zealand supported the benefits of pushing beyond the long preached recommendation of ’25-29g/day’ of fiber in your diet.

Health benefits of fiber are well documented, contributing to prevent colorectal and breast cancer, type 2 Diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. further, it will decrease systolic blood pressure and body weight. Recall the fiber bar craze to help keep your bowels ‘regular’-moving.

The research is solid in showing a decrease in cholesterol that occurs with high fiber diets.

Main sources of fiber are vegetables (recommendation 5 servings a day), fruit and whole grains. When you think whole grains think: whole wheat, whole oats, brown rice, whole rye, freekeh, buckwheat, bulgur, quinoa, whole-wheat couscous, and corn. FYIQuinoa is gluten-free while some other grains like freekeh are not.

Please look to a plant-based diet; I enjoy a ‘veggie’ burger especially if it is the ‘Impossible’ burger.

Try it! #ListenDocknows

Bad Doctors Database

Some good doctors act badly, after all, they are human and capable of anything. There are facts about health care professionals you should know if you are seeking care.

Why not share the volumes of free information on the net with those interested in medical care. This website bad doctor database is massive a compilation of all available in one place. This site collects news stores that share crimes indictments, wrongdoings of every aspect of medical care, providers (doctors, nurses, physician assistants) clinics, hospitals, and even insurance companies.

A prominent statement on the website is ‘Everyone is innocent until proven guilty‘.

It also links to each states’ medical board website for a more detailed look at all licensed physicians by state.

Have a look a remember my above opening sentence -‘Some good doctors act badly, after all, they are human and capable of anything. ‘ #ListenDocknows


Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) in US – 2019


It is the time of year to red ‘annual statistics updates’, however, this year as regards heart health of American adults the data from AHA (by now you know is the American Heart Association) is outright depressing.

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) includes coronary heart disease, heart failure, stroke, and hypertension.

NOW to it:
-approx. 48% of all adults (US) have some form of cardiovascular disease.
-the number one killer of all Americans -840,000 in 2016
-the change in the definition of hypertension is a major contributor – now if you are over 130/80 you have ‘high blood pressure’ and need treatment.
-if you drop out the new hypertension definition -48% drops to 9%.
-research shows controlling high blood pressure prevents 80% of all CVD!

Doc’s Orders:
-have blood pressure checked often no matter your age
-if smoker -stop even e-cigs
-get up and move exercise is so so good for overall health (Obesity is at 39.6% in US adults and 18.5% in youths.
-get seven or more hours of sleep nightly


-globally CVD is also the # one killer


Stroke – Time Is Brain Cells Lost

The prevalence of cardiovascular disease (#1 killer) in the US gives pause to consider the possibility among other problems of a stroke.

Those with high blood pressure especially uncontrolled need to know the importance of timing to reverse this catastrophic event. Refresh your self with stroke signs and symptoms.

If a clot blocks a vessel in the brain time to dissolve or remove is critical. While there is an ideal treatment window of time, recent research has shown that mechanically removing a clot in stroke patients (endovascular therapy) within 6 hours or up to 24 of symptoms can have some reversal.

Details of the study reveal those who had endovascular removal of their clot in 6-16 hours after symptoms started did best. Their mental health, social capabilities, thinking, was preserved!

Be quick once you suspect a stroke in any person no matter their age, call 911 and person will be taken to a dedicated stroke center in your area. #ListenDocknows