Eat Less – Live Longer

If you eat less it is intuitive that your health will be better and you may live longer. Now a recent report has documented that adults under 50 with no heart disease nor diabetes, who restricted their calories by only 12% over 2 years had impressive health outcomes.

Individuals, aka calorie restrictors, saw significant improvements in multiple cardiovascular risk factors from where they were at the beginning of 2 yr. study:

Blood pressure increases as we age, that is why you see above an increase in the control groups BP numbers

  • • Systolic BP: +2.15 mm Hg (control) vs -2.20 mm Hg (calorie restriction)
  •  Diastolic BP: +1.55 mm Hg vs -3.40 mm Hg


Those partaking in the study also noted a 10% in body weight, mostly body fat.

The lipid profile also was found to be affected:


  • LDL-cholesterol: +0.03 mmol/L vs -0.23 mmol/L
  •  Total cholesterol to HDL-cholesterol ratio: -0.047 vs -0.532
  • Triglycerides: -0.03 mmol/L vs -0.27 mmol/L

Surveillance Needed

While pharmaceuticals are considered unsafe until proven safe, OTC ‘supplements’ are considered safe for use until proven not so. Do you know anyone who does not take supplements? Today, supplements sales amount to a multi-billion-dollar industry. Essentially, this industry has managed to go unregulated.

There is no entity overseeing, setting standards of purity or handling, as the FDA does for pharmaceuticals. So no one knows what standards for safety and efficacy, supplements meet. Under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA), supplements such as dietary supplements were placed in the same category as food, which allowed supplement manufacturers to play by a very different set of rules. Please use sites such as to review available and tested for accuracy supplements. There is a minimal annual fee, but I think it has been well worth it for my personal use.

FYI: Utah is known as the silicon valley of the supplement industry.

Polyps, Cancer & Yogurt

Yogurt is recommended by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans as part of fat-free and low-fat dairy intake,

A new study has found that men who consumed at least two weekly servings of yogurt had lower rates of polyps compared with those who consumed no yogurt. Some intestinal tract polyps can become cancer over time.

Men’s risk reduction for conventional polyps was 19%, and 26% for polyps with higher malignant potential. However, in women, NO association was found – puzzling

This study considered and ruled out associated independent of calcium and non-yogurt dairy intake; The cancer reduction was stronger for colon polyps than rectal polyps, at 18% versus 5%.

Interestingly, no significant changes in gut microbial community composition (normal flora of our digestive tract) and diversity was found during yogurt consumption.


My Bottom Line

Yogurt, especially fat-free or low fat, is a healthy food and good for you.

A Child to ER Every 2 Hours

You might be guessing what type of situation sends a child to an ER every 2 hours. Falls, abuse, fever, cold? Regretfully while avoidable, it is from exposure to beauty products in the home. Cosmetics shampoo and other personal care products can be toxic to children. Nearly 65,000 children younger than age 5 received ED care for cosmetic-related injuries from 2002 to 2016 -hence the stat 2/hr. in the USA.

Almost everything in your bathroom that can clean and improve your looks contains possible toxins. At top list is nail polish remover. Not only nail products but also hair and skin products can pause risk.

You might ask it smells so bad and probably tastes worst how can child swallow it.

3 of 5 cases are infants and toddlers under 2 years old -no surprise everything goes into their mouths. While most medications are in childproof containers, beauty products are not.

Bladder Cancer On Rise

Bladder cancer is an increasing trend, in this short blog I want to  pass on some the info for you to consider:

-The 6th most common cancer for an age group in the US

-160,000 ages 50-79 living with this cancer

–  very time drink caffeine take an equal amount wat of to avoid bladder cancer carcinogens

–  According to, certain jobs place one at risk: painters, hairdressers, machinists, and truck drivers.

– working manufacturing rubber, leather, textiles, and paint products increases risk

–  incidence varies by race – whites 2 x greater than African Americans

–  family history will predispose

–  arsenic in drinking water

–  herbal supplement –aristolochic acid 

–  dehydration, not drinking enough water, do not wait till you are thirsty! Women need 9 cups of water a day men 13. A cup is 8 oz. or 250ml.

–  bladder cancer tends to be more aggressive in women, postmenopausal higher risk factor, add smoking (1/2 of all bladder cancer is attributed to tobacco combined with early age of menopause <45 inc.)

–  risk 4 x if smoke 2 x if stopped 30 years ago 90-95% is the papillary type

Affordable & Convenient Medical Care

Don’t have a doctor? If not there is now a new option. Don’t have insurance better yet there is a relatively reasonably priced Doc in a kiosk near you.
At the kiosks, you input your health specific and compliant details following prompts. No worries your vitals are taken just like in doctor’s office. You can even self-exam with a stethoscope in some there are cameras so to exam throat ears nose!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) programmed to dispense medical advice will generate a possible diagnosis. Finally, you will be video connected to a physician that is a medical adviser aka doc live on screen. You then can interact and have questions answered.
Prescription(s) as needed will be generated, and off you go, too, I trust, getting better!

All for $75. w/o insurance. The process takes approx. 25 min. Shorter than getting an appointment, going and waiting to see a doctor in an office. Something worthwhile to keep in the back of your mind.

Medical News Capsule

Watch TV Drug Ads Change

No surprise drug companies do not want this new regulation, saying they prefer to list prices on their websites, The latest government figures show that the prices of the 10 most widely advertised drugs range from $488 to $16,938 per month supply or for a usual course of therapy. Not cheap, even for those with prescription coverage! You might be thinking there are not many folks on prescription meds. In 2015 to 2016, 45.8% of the US population had used prescription drugs within the past 30 days, according to a data brief just published by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS). No surprise, the most commonly used class of drugs included bronchodilators, central nervous system stimulants, antidepressants, and lipid-lowering drugs.



Drinking Arsenic-Contaminated Water

If your drinking water contains arsenic it can contribute to the left side of your heart muscle is thick and functioning less (left ventricular hypertrophy – LVH). Measured arsenic in the urine was significant a statistically significant number of individuals with LVH. This important association was noted by researchers evaluated 1,337 American Indians from the Strong Heart Family Study. This was a study was over a mean follow-up of 5.6 years.


Hepatitis A

Increased rates of hepatitis A infection had declined by 95% from 1996-2011. Perhaps cause Hepatitis A vaccine is a recommended vaccine for children. However, that is changing in the last 2 years with states experiencing an increase of over 500% in reported hepatitis A infections. This was found in homeless, MSM (men have sex with men) and those who eat food contaminated with hepatitis A virus. The states where this is especially noted is West Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Missouri, Arkansas, and Utah. Foster and colleagues noted that “there is no universal vaccination recommendation for adults in the U.S.”


Marijuana Effect on Men Genital System

recent international study showed a consistent and statistically significant decline in sperm quality (count and motility) over the past 40 years.  A second study summarized provided the first reported evidence of an association between marijuana use and development of benign prostatic hyperplasia/lower urinary tract symptoms (BPH/LUTS).

Debunking Common Sleep Habit Myths

Do you know all about getting healthy sleep? Think again or at least read-on to verify!

– ‘you can learn to get away with less sleep and function

Habitual short sleep duration may allow you to walk and talk but with time different for every individual an increases cardiovascular (CV) and metabolic risk, as well as mental and immunological health disorders, arise.


– ‘ exercise w/in 4 hours of sleeping disturbs sleep

No, to date conclusive says so, but low impact, yoga may be beneficial.


– ‘have an alcoholic drink before bed’

May help you fall asleep but you are not getting a restful one as later cycles are affected by alcohol.


–  ‘older you get the more sleep you need’

Older adults do tend to sleep less for many reasons but data does not confirm that they need less than young adults.


‘lying in bed with eyes closed is akin to sleeping

Not so, unless you have a back problem! it is like going to the gym and just sitting on an exercise bike. So get out of bed find a calm spot then when sleepy return to bed.


Am hopeful you listen to my podcast on how much sleep, if you haven’t go to your favorite Google, iTunes,  DocHandal feed

Latex-Fruit Syndrome

If you are like me in that you are allergic to latex – that is you develop hives and itching  when you contact latex – then you need to pay careful attention. Any allergic reactions can intensify and cause serious complications and even death.

Band-Aids™, medical catheters, and medical tubes are often made of latex and that sensitivity translates into a likely reaction to certain fruits and vice versa if you are allergic to certain fruits you will be allergic to latex.

Allergic to Latex places you and me at a 35% risk of reacting to at least one of these fruits; kiwi, banana, peach, avocado, chestnut, bell peppers, tomatoes or white potato. Conversely, if you’re allergic to one of these fruits, I mentioned, then you have an 11% risk of having a reaction to latex.