More Is Better!

A multiple-center observational study of over 4,600 adults in New Zealand supported the benefits of pushing beyond the long preached recommendation of ’25-29g/day’ of fiber in your diet.

Health benefits of fiber are well documented, contributing to prevent colorectal and breast cancer, type 2 Diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. further, it will decrease systolic blood pressure and body weight. Recall the fiber bar craze to help keep your bowels ‘regular’-moving.

The research is solid in showing a decrease in cholesterol that occurs with high fiber diets.

Main sources of fiber are vegetables (recommendation 5 servings a day), fruit and whole grains. When you think whole grains think: whole wheat, whole oats, brown rice, whole rye, freekeh, buckwheat, bulgur, quinoa, whole-wheat couscous, and corn. FYIQuinoa is gluten-free while some other grains like freekeh are not.

Please look to a plant-based diet; I enjoy a ‘veggie’ burger especially if it is the ‘Impossible’ burger.

Try it! #ListenDocknows

Bad Doctors Database

Some good doctors act badly, after all, they are human and capable of anything. There are facts about health care professionals you should know if you are seeking care.

Why not share the volumes of free information on the net with those interested in medical care. This website bad doctor database is massive a compilation of all available in one place. This site collects news stores that share crimes indictments, wrongdoings of every aspect of medical care, providers (doctors, nurses, physician assistants) clinics, hospitals, and even insurance companies.

A prominent statement on the website is ‘Everyone is innocent until proven guilty‘.

It also links to each states’ medical board website for a more detailed look at all licensed physicians by state.

Have a look a remember my above opening sentence -‘Some good doctors act badly, after all, they are human and capable of anything. ‘ #ListenDocknows


Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) in US – 2019


It is the time of year to red ‘annual statistics updates’, however, this year as regards heart health of American adults the data from AHA (by now you know is the American Heart Association) is outright depressing.

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) includes coronary heart disease, heart failure, stroke, and hypertension.

NOW to it:
-approx. 48% of all adults (US) have some form of cardiovascular disease.
-the number one killer of all Americans -840,000 in 2016
-the change in the definition of hypertension is a major contributor – now if you are over 130/80 you have ‘high blood pressure’ and need treatment.
-if you drop out the new hypertension definition -48% drops to 9%.
-research shows controlling high blood pressure prevents 80% of all CVD!

Doc’s Orders:
-have blood pressure checked often no matter your age
-if smoker -stop even e-cigs
-get up and move exercise is so so good for overall health (Obesity is at 39.6% in US adults and 18.5% in youths.
-get seven or more hours of sleep nightly


-globally CVD is also the # one killer


Stroke – Time Is Brain Cells Lost

The prevalence of cardiovascular disease (#1 killer) in the US gives pause to consider the possibility among other problems of a stroke.

Those with high blood pressure especially uncontrolled need to know the importance of timing to reverse this catastrophic event. Refresh your self with stroke signs and symptoms.

If a clot blocks a vessel in the brain time to dissolve or remove is critical. While there is an ideal treatment window of time, recent research has shown that mechanically removing a clot in stroke patients (endovascular therapy) within 6 hours or up to 24 of symptoms can have some reversal.

Details of the study reveal those who had endovascular removal of their clot in 6-16 hours after symptoms started did best. Their mental health, social capabilities, thinking, was preserved!

Be quick once you suspect a stroke in any person no matter their age, call 911 and person will be taken to a dedicated stroke center in your area. #ListenDocknows

E Cigs vs. Nicotine Replacement Therapies ((NRT)

UK national health system studied patients wanting to stop smoking either thru e-cig or NRT. I want to share the results today.

-You should know the effects of vaping having long-term consequence is not fully revealed.

Along with behavioral support participants received e-cigs or nicotine replacement therapies (gum, patch, nasal spray, lozenges)
Of note were side effects: for e-cig users -throat and mouth irritation and for NRT users- more nausea.

A year later confirm that e-cigarettes are an effective way for smokers to quit smoking. However, in this study, 80% of those who stopped smoking using e-cigarettes were still vaping 1 year later.

More to think about:
– e-cigs vapor has been proven to contain toxins that negatively affect human cells. I have blogged before on this very finding. #ListenDocknows

Blood Test For Alzheimer?

Blood Sample

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) just gave the ‘ Breakthrough Device Designation ‘for a blood test to screen for the risk of Alzheimer. (C2N Diagnostics)


Amyloid is a ‘starch like’ protein that can deposit and accumulate in our bodies, it is not good. Upon autopsies, the brains of Alzheimer suffers were noted to have a high accumulation of amyloid. It was the first abnormality noted.

Another hallmark is the presence of neurofibrillary tangles of a protein called tau.  The average ALS patient dies 2½ years after diagnosis.

To date, a Positron Imaging Tomography (PET scan,  nuclear medicine brain imaging tool) is used to make a picture of amyloid plaque accumulation within a person’s brain. A quote from recent articel in Scientific American ” .. recent studies on the value of PET beta-amyloid brain scans, supported by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, have shown that practicing “dementia expert” doctors misdiagnose Alzheimer’s in about 50 percent of cases and change their management and treatment of patients nearly 70 percent of the time when this test is used.”


To be used as a blood test to quickly ID a possible cause for those with memory complaints or dementia.

The cost saving for evaluating a dementia sufferer will be impressive. A safe radiation free quick inexpensive screening test can help early dementia diagnosis and treatment.

Carbohydrate Intake and Mortality

According to The Lancet Public Health, your odds of dying are higher if you switch carbohydrates for animal-derived fat or protein but longevity odds increased with the switch to plant-based protein.

Those who get 50-55% of their daily energy from carbohydrate saw a low risk of mortality.

A ‘U’ shaped curve was identified indicating that too little or too much carbohydrate affected mortality negatively. If less than 40% or more than 70% of your daily energy comes from carbohydrates in your diet you are at risk.

The study followed over 432,000 US adults age 45-64 over 25 years.

Bottom Line – measure, check not too much or too little and live longer and healthier.

No Alcohol for One Month – See Huge Benefits

Many of us enjoyed raising a glass of wine and or spirits during the holidays. Perhaps you do not customarily in vibe to that degree? Wither you overdid it or not with the alcohol I recommend that we all take to heart the recent study that shows taking a break from alcohol even just a month has lasting positive health effects. You might say it is a ‘no brainer’ since it is well known that drinking can contribute to health issues such as liver disease, cancer, cardiovascular problems, and others.

British researchers started ‘Dry January’ in 2018 and noted as they followed participants that higher energy level, and better weight. Participants were studied via a survey online and followed thru August 2018.

Not only did one month of abstinence lead to decrease number of drinking days later in the year but also did not drink to excess – drunkenness later in the year.

Other noteworthy immediate results included:

‘9 in 10 saved money, 7 in 10 slept better, 3 in five lost weight’.

Please have a read of the article for more benefits of just one month of no alcohol.

JOIN ME  doing a ‘Dry March!