Hip Fractures & What You Eat

Your diet whether vegetarian, pescatarian (vegetarian that eats seafood) or a meat lover, can influence whether or not you were at higher risk for hip fracture. A recent study revealed that women following a certain diet are at 33% higher risk. To learn more about this, by listening to Doc Handal’s newest podcast.

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Dial 988 For Mental Health Help

Every 11 minutes someone dies from suicide in the US! The pandemic increased mental behavioral health challenges. New resources built on the 200 call centers now will allow just dialing 988 to reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline’. Replacing a 10-digit number. Listen to Doc’s latest podcast on this new upcoming launch.

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Pandemic Fatigue

As a physician, I must speak out. This podcast is titled Pandemic Fatigue but it could easily have been titled Pandemic – My Opinion! I have blogged often on the topic of the SARS CoV2 virus from a purely medical and scientific slant. This podcast shares my frustration and disappointment with a medical issue so botched in a country that is supposed to be a world health leader. While not an all-out – I did exercise modest control. I have mentioned several issues laypersons must realize. My blogs throughout the pandemic have reflected the objective medical knowledge known at the time of posting.  Have a listen below or in your favorite podcast choice.


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Tattoo Ink Likely Not Safe

Did you know no regulations exist to mandate that toxic ingredients don’t go into tattoo ink? Don’t you want to know, not just presume, what is injected into & under the dermis layer of your skin is safe? Tattoos are not safe!

Canadian researchers published, in the medical journal Contact Dermatitis, an analysis of 73 tattoo ink samples collected from suppliers and online retailers, many of which were made in the United States. Findings: most fail to meet industry standards – if the industry standards even existed!

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Cellphone Health Dangers

There are many considerations everyone must comprehend when enjoying the benefits of this information technology era.

Stop and listen to the salient highlights you must consider, especially since a recent study showed your cellphone is dirtier than a bathroom.

Doc Handal gets to the issues.

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