What follows in this blog is a few medical Journal reveals I want to share with my followers. Hope you find them as interesting as I did.

AI & ECG Interpretation 

At the European Society of Cardiology (ESC), in Barcelona last week, a randomized clinical trial of artificial intelligence (AI) presented that technology was superior -yes, better than humans at interpreting echocardiograms. Quite a bit to ponder! In the field of Dermatology, a recently reported study showed the Awesome Medical Revealsaccuracy of AI versus clinical specialists. AI matched or exceeded the practitioners!



AI & Arrhythmias

In Germany, smartphone-based screening for atrial fibrillation more than doubled the rate of finding the diagnosis when compared to waiting for routine medical care to find this heart rhythm problem. The eBRAVE-AF randomized trial was announced in the publication in Nature Medicine.


A few cups of tea a day might help stave off an early death, a U.K. Biobank prospective cohort study showed. Among nearly half a million middle-aged adults, those who consumed two or more cups of tea a day saw a slight but worthy lower risk for all-cause death. The follow-up was for about 11.2-year (median). No, it was not green tea which has been very studied. Individuals, 90% of them drank black tea. Importantly data was corrected (adjusted) for sociodemographic and lifestyle factors. This is important across any large studies.

Those that were drinking more than two cups of black tea a day, had an associated 14% to 24% decrease in risk for death from cardiovascular diseases. Another revelation was that among the heaviest black tea drinkers there was the most risk reductions.