Fact: 80% of antibiotics in US are used by the food industry. We are probably all aware that the meats and poultry we eat can have had antibiotic treatment, but new evidence* uncovers produce and dairy contains bacteria that are resistant to common and some resistant to very ‘big gun’ antibiotics. Beyond scary, this study checked organic and conventional markets in CA for the presence of bacteria on their produce and dairy. Given the fact that there is no ‘kill’ step like boiling for ready to eat produce and diary. Produce was found in this study to have 10,000 times higher resistant bacteria than diary. While antibiotics are not used in the produce industry the resistant bacteria it is surmised came from the soil. Even yogurt samples had drug resistant bacteria present.

Yes everything we put in our mouths has some degree of contamination and mostly it does not amount to an illness. We now know more about the ‘bugs’ around us.


*Levels of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria in Ready-to-Eat Foods