Male baldness can be a telltale sign of heart disease so if you have coronal baldness (crown/vertex of your head) and frontal MH900403516baldness you chances are 69% greater that you will have coronary heart disease (CHD) than someone with full head hair. Coronary arteries supply the heart muscle.

Frontal baldness alone is not as tell-tale as crown baldness. So no surprise if your healthcare professional should want to check you for possible cardiac disease. We all know from previous blogs about the risk factors for heart disease, but this is a ‘sign’ you might be at risk. Many decades ago a correlation study suggested another ‘sign’ – the presence of a diagonal crease (fold) on the lobe of the ear to be indicative of heart disease however inconsistent finding were noted in studies since.

Correlation with hair presence or lack of, in a certain pattern was gleamed from a review of studies involving nearly 40,000 men suggests (850 studies, published between 1950 and 2012).


Coronary arteries- the whitish lines on surface of the heart

Point for relevance is if you are a man over 60 with severe baldness you are 32% more likely to develop CHD than a man who retained a full head of hair. Interestingly younger men (aged 60 or younger), a similar association emerged.