The future in wound care is almost here! 

A bandage that wirelessly monitors healing, recognizing infection, and carries medication to release should there be a problem with healing.

“This is a way to deliver medicine more effectively,” Dr. Sameer R. Sonkusale and the Nano Lab at Tufts University team had their results in the July 6¬†Journal – Small.

Part disposable, part reusable this bandage still in lab testing responds to adjusting the temperature to trigger antibiotic release. A ‘drug’ antibiotic patch is capable of destroying growing wound bacteria.

Fewer bandage changes (they can be painful) and less frequent medical office visits a win-win for patients and medical staff.

Next, the bandage goes from the lab to the animals before applying to us.

This study was funded by the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, and others.