Yes, exercise whenever you can. However, have a quick read for some insight into the optimal timing of this important health activity. As with so many other human bodily functions and activities attention to our biological rhythms; is also known as circadian or diurnal rhythms is important.

Let’s first think about aerobic exercise which helps with weight loss management and enhances peak maximal oxygen consumption – studies vary in findings, one showed the best time is in the morning and another best in the evening. Both studies were men cyclists participating. For resistance training again findings for optimal timing differed night vs. morning.

Authors of another review, published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, found differences in the morning vs evening exercise, these researchers hormones variations as a possible reason. Testosterone and cortisol to be specific, testosterone an anabolic hormone and cortisol the stress catabolic hormone. Cortisol can peak in the morning, night, or both according to the research, with testosterone peaking at similar times, thus potentially offsetting cortisol’s catabolic effects. Yes, quite confusing but how do you apply this information to your routine? Plain and straight forward, exercise is always good no matter the time.

The American Council of Exercise (ACE) goes a step further recommending to record your temperature every couple of hours for 5 or 6 consecutive days to determine body temperature variation, which typically fluctuates by plus or minus 1.5 degrees throughout the day. Then exercise three hours before and after your highest temperature. If you are competing at a specific time, then train at that time.

Yes more studies need to be done!