Bladder cancer is an increasing trend, in this short blog I want to  pass on some the info for you to consider:

-The 6th most common cancer for an age group in the US

-160,000 ages 50-79 living with this cancer

–  very time drink caffeine take an equal amount wat of to avoid bladder cancer carcinogens

–  According to, certain jobs place one at risk: painters, hairdressers, machinists, and truck drivers.

– working manufacturing rubber, leather, textiles, and paint products increases risk

–  incidence varies by race – whites 2 x greater than African Americans

–  family history will predispose

–  arsenic in drinking water

–  herbal supplement –aristolochic acid 

–  dehydration, not drinking enough water, do not wait till you are thirsty! Women need 9 cups of water a day men 13. A cup is 8 oz. or 250ml.

–  bladder cancer tends to be more aggressive in women, postmenopausal higher risk factor, add smoking (1/2 of all bladder cancer is attributed to tobacco combined with early age of menopause <45 inc.)

–  risk 4 x if smoke 2 x if stopped 30 years ago 90-95% is the papillary type