Quite a few of us 7 in 10 Americans take prescription drugs. Ten percent of these prescribed are tainted and unsafe. The counterfeit drug industry amounts to $217 billion worldwide. No surprise given over a dozen hands change before you pick up your prescription.

In recent weeks antihypertensive Valsartan (antihypertensive) generic was found to have a carcinogen contaminate. A few days later the FDA announced a recall of thyroid tablets (levothyroxine and liothyronine)  for adulteration.

Everyone is familiar with the term ‘blockchain’ introduced with rising of cryptocurrency but this turbocharged accounting system is perfect for monitoring a drug supply chain. Blockchain software allows for an encrypted, record that stores all transactions data and monitors each access point. Blockchain means transparency, multiple computers can trace any product using blockchain.  Time is needed to fix all the fraud but security in the prescription drug supply chain is coming.