When and now where should you have your blood pressure checked?

Historically the diagnosis screening and monitoring of blood pressure (BP) was done in the office or a formal medical setting. New blood pressure standards of being drafted based on screening in the ambulatory setting. This is being done to avoid the office high blood pressure (HBP) reading or was ‘whitecoat’ hypertension. Anywhere from 5-65% of folks with normal BP have HBP in doctor’s offices. FYI ‘across the pond’, the Britts are already doing this!

U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) is calling for ambulatory blood pressure reading before the start of HBP medication.

Given the growth of smartphones and table top connected digital wrist and arm cuffs use of such devices in the outpatient setting is giving what your ‘numbers’ are credence. Plus you can show data to your healthcare provider.

Below are preliminary recommendations for screening & rescreening of blood pressure:

  • People ages 40 and older
  • People with blood pressure in the 130/85 to 139/89mmHg range on the initial screen
  • African Americans
  • Obese or overweight individuals