A Bona Fide Needed PrescriptionIt would be excellent for our health if a doctor should write a prescription for sleep? You can save yourself! A prescription for a walk in the park will improve long-term survival for cancer victims. * Researchers followed over 1500 individuals over 4.5 years and found ‘independent and joint associations’ of daily sitting time and physical activity with mortality outcomes among cancer survivors over 40 in the US. The sedentary ones (sitting more than 8 hours a day) had a higher all-cause death including cancer. Oncologists will be writing for that walk in the park! Unlikely insurance will pay for it though! The science exists so please take a walk in the park for exercise and tranquility both important to good health. Remember sleep is vital, listen to my podcast on sleep and heart health. Also, please read my blog on sleep myths.

Exercise is so important and to that, I have blogged frequently on this. Do you have a plan? An idea about walking somewhere, climbing stairs to exercise? Develop one if you don’t have a regime. REREAD a previous blog on conquering anxiety about exercising. another recent blog titled Exercise Science – Starting Simple.

For many, developing an exercise plan should involve a medical professional who knows your health status.

It’s time for a new prescription