Breast abnormalities can be benign (non-cancerous not life threatening), cancerous, or even precancerous. Each diagnostic test finds different information  example mammogram, MRI, ultrasound each offers its  view.

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-70-90% of the 1.7 million breast biopsies done each year are benign (not cancer)

– Screening mammograms miss approx. 20% of all breast cancer (esp. those in young women or those with dense breasts)

– More than 50% of women who get annual mammograms will have a false positive result after 10 years of screening

A new blood test is claiming to be able to differentiate benign breast disease from breast cancer. The results are either in terms of a ‘low protein signature’ or a ‘high protein signature’ being found in the blood. Biochemical clues – ‘biomarkers’ – have been found in the blood of breast cancer patients hence it may be linked to those individuals developing breast cancer. Now a simple blood test –Klarifyi ®Breast  to help guide the diagnosis and care of breast cancer.

Important: This test is recommended in conjunction with imaging tests.

If your recent mammogram showed a ‘suspicious’ or the finding are questionable perhaps your medical care provider will suggest a quick blood test (results within a week).