If you have a car you must have a first aid kit on board. I prefer to carry one in the trunk so in case of an accident it does not become FirstAidKitairborne and cause bodily damage. Many new cars come with a kit in the trunk check it out as necessary add to its contents.

Contents are import ant do not think all commercially available kits are practical. When seconds count after a road accident, accessing the situation keeping calm and then carrying for situations like shock confusion, blood loss all while keeping yourself safe with a reflective belt or jacket. Assemble a water tight container that is reflective if possible otherwise be sure to have a reflective vest in your trunk (in case need to change tire). If you are off on a road trip tailor the kit for your environment, in Arizona we carry a gallon of water in the tire well.


Pressure dressing

adhesive dressings (ex. band-aid®)

Roller bandage

Triangle bandage

Scissor & splinter forceps

Safety pins

Protective (space) blanket

Adhesive tape

Antiseptic towelettes,

Triple-antibiotic ointment

Sting-relief wipes

Allergy-relief tablets (antihistamines)

Disposable gloves

I also add waterproof matches, flashlight, and collapsible plastic cup to my vehicle kit.

Make a kit as a gift for a loved one!