It is the time of year to red ‘annual statistics updates’, however, this year as regards heart health of American adults the data from AHA (by now you know is the American Heart Association) is outright depressing.

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) includes coronary heart disease, heart failure, stroke, and hypertension.

NOW to it:
-approx. 48% of all adults (US) have some form of cardiovascular disease.
-the number one killer of all Americans -840,000 in 2016
-the change in the definition of hypertension is a major contributor – now if you are over 130/80 you have ‘high blood pressure’ and need treatment.
-if you drop out the new hypertension definition -48% drops to 9%.
-research shows controlling high blood pressure prevents 80% of all CVD!

Doc’s Orders:
-have blood pressure checked often no matter your age
-if smoker -stop even e-cigs
-get up and move exercise is so so good for overall health (Obesity is at 39.6% in US adults and 18.5% in youths.
-get seven or more hours of sleep nightly


-globally CVD is also the # one killer