Bluntly speaking, I want to convey a little known option that we all have when being examined by a health professional. chaporonesMany medical office post this sign, I shot this photo in my Doc’s office last week. No matter your sexuality,  if and when, it pops into your head that you wish someone else was also in the room – stop and ask for a chaperone. It is a patient right! This is a long-standing aspect of one human examination another human being. Common in a male gynecologist’s office is the presence of a female in the room during a pelvic or internal examination. In addition, in the ER, staff is sensitive to the suddenness of a strange person ‘on your body’!

We all have rights, who better than us to speak up for ourselves. Do not fear bullying or intimidation and if you should sense it, get out of that situation and report it to the medical board. Each state has a board that licenses medical health professionals be it physicians, nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners. Comments are always welcome!