Devices today can monitor your blood pressure, pulse and other ‘vital signs’ and always new apps are popping up. One device that I personally have used since release records the electrical flow of my heart. An earlier version of Alive Cor traced one view however with a new device that requires your right and left side of your upper body contacting with left knee you can view 6 views simultaneously. Your first tracing is reviewed by a cardiologist for free within 24 hours and analysis gets back to you via email. The App AI interprets instantaneously after each recording. However, if you want a human person, a board-certified cardiologist or a trained cardiac technician to do  a clinical review of your tracing, again no problem, within minutes you receive an analysis report in your app. cost is $19 for cardiologist and report is within 24 hours. At a cost of $9 a cardiac technician will analysis and report within 1 hour.

ECGs (aka EKGs) are a ‘tracing ‘ from 12 aspects (leads)of the heart.  Historically one lead can diagnosis what ‘step’ your heart is in – that is the rhythm beat.