Emergency Response and Reaction Skills for Children – Trauma Run

Each year approximately 16 million children are treated for injuries in emergency departments. Trauma Run  is a 19 minute video shot with a bilingual cast. It focuses on teaching children how to act quickly and correctly in an emergency. This video aims to  alleviate their fears and misconceptions about pre-hospital care, ambulances, and emergency department care. The program begins with a bike accident that leaves a 10-year-old unconscious in a remote area. His friends are about to move him when a toy ambulance becomes animated and instructs them on what they should and should not do until emergency help arrives. Viewers will learn valuable lessons from the animated ambulance. They learn they must not approach an accident scene unless they’re sure it’s safe. They’re shown how to determine if someone is breathing and the importance of not moving someone who may have a back or neck injury. They witness the right way to telephone for emergency assistance. They learn what it’s like to be cared for at the scene, in an ambulance, and in an emergency department. Trauma Run drives home the point that bike safety, first aid, and basic life support knowledge is everyone’s responsibility.

The program was produced by Doc Handal  with assistance from the City of Phoenix Fire Department. Dr. Handal is internationally recognized in Emergency Medicine and the author of The American Red Cross First Aid and Safety Handbook.

Audience; Children 7-12

Download of full video available in English and Spanish at estore