You are smart enough to know that anything from the air we breath to the water we drink has potential to cause a health issue. Naturally under a microscope brewed coffee like any heated foodstuff can releases ‘acrylamide’. This chemical is formed as beans are roasted and  is on list in CA law that states need to inform individuals must be informed when exposed to potentially harmful. That is what it boils down to -no pun intended.

The American Cancer Society stated, “Based on the studies done so far, it’s not yet clear if acrylamide affects cancer risk in people.” No matter a judge in the sunshine state ruled that companies like Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts need to include a warning. Any food that is cooked at 300F or higher that then turns brown produces acrylamide. I guess we should label them all, bread, cookies, etc. Coffee consumption studies however have shown repeatedly the many benefits of the beverage.

I personally paper filter my brew no matter technique to remove diterpenes, oils that regulate cholesterol absorption in the intestines.