Out of South Korea comes a study that correlates a positive effect on the heart for coffee drinking young MH900448673and middle-aged people. Those without any signs of heart disease who drank 3- 5 cups of coffee a day faired better in scanning for calcium deposits (higher calcium score more plaque blocking the heart artery). Researchers measured the calcium deposits in the coronary arteries (heart) of individuals with an average age of 41.3 (followed for 2 years) and found statistically significant lower scores pointing to the benefits of caffeine. Noted was that coffee increases insulin’s sensitivity. The insulin made by the pancreas acts in an improved manner on the blood glucose (sugar). In addition, coffee decreases the bad LDL-cholesterol in the blood.

Hence the inverse relationship between caffeine consumption and associated cardiac risk was found correcting for age, sex, as well as education level, exertion level, smoking, family history, alcohol consumption, and diet of fruits, vegetables, and red and processed meats.

 IMPORTANT: More than 5 cups/day had a detrimental effect on calcium scores.