Quite an interest, this very common head trauma condition! Out the window with ‘no pain, no gain’ in sports!

Hollywood, with its drama ‘Concussion,‘ brings it to full light in the public. I believe this spurs research funding towards early recognition (diagnosis) that a player has had a concussion. While a relatively mild head injury, this condition, if not recognized and treated, can progress to devastating outcomes.

NIH ($429,000), as well as Indiana Spinal Cord & Brian Injury Foundation ($120,000), has funded a project by Indiana University School of Optometry crafting a portable diagnosing device.

485214_actualBased on Wii™ (Nintendo) gaming platform, researchers designed goggles that track eye movements within a shoe box size device.

Readings are taken to establish a player’s baseline and repeated following head trauma. A deviation in measurements of eye activity can quickly determine if a player should not play.