consumer labA week does not go by without someone asking me what is the ‘best vitamin C to get?’ That question could end with calcium or zinc and the possibilities go on. Would it not be great if there was an FDA-type organization for over-the-counter  (OTC) health products?  The good news, it does exist – and I have been using it for decades. Although there is a yearly membership fee it is well worth knowing the supplement you paid for is truly worthwhile. At this publishing, fees are $3.96/month for 2 years (billed at $95) or  $4.75/month for 1 year (billed at $57.).

Over 1300 hundred health products from such major brands as Walmart, GNC, and Walgreens are tested and reviewed.

Categories beyond product reviews, include Save money read warnings and clinical findings from experts. You can stay informed with their e-newsletter. Site’s major sections are Health conditions, Brands, Warnings, and News. You can get answers to your questions. A recent one answered by an MD was ‘Which vitamins and minerals should someone over 70 take?’

You can find a reliable resource for such Unique reviews including olive oil,  Masks, avocado oil, spices, and much more.  Pediatric and pet health products are also reviewed!

Check it out and decide for yourself. As always trying to empower you to better health.