Please note: Only a fraction of respiratory viruses is transmissible via aerosol. N95 respirators have been assumed to provide more complete protection against respiratory viruses in healthcare settings. Person-to-person spread is thought to come via respiratory droplets from an infected person. A cough or sneeze, as in influenza spread will transmit the virus. This novel coronavirus (just named yesterday) does not require more than the basic face mask and 6 feet of space to protect. Furthermore, it is believed to be contagious prior to an infected person developing a fever and signs of viral illness. The measles virus most infectious can live for hours on surfaces and if you have not had the vaccine beware! Recall viruses need to be in a living organism to do damage.

At this posting, it is unknown how long and if the COVID-19 aka 2019-nCoV can spread by hand touching a surface that an infected sneeze reached.’CO’ stands for corona, ‘VI’ for a virus, ‘D’ for disease.

The Hopkins team synthesizes data from WHO and four additional sources: CDC, European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, China’s National Health Commission, and, an independent data source maintained by Chinese physicians.

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