What is known today re: COVID-19

– highly contagious, not like the ‘flu’ those with other medical conditions as expected are more vulnerable

– contagious before becoming ill -prob. 4-5 days.

– this virus doesn’t discriminate – young and old succumb

– the virus is growing in your lungs well before dry cough and fever develop

– the virus is ‘killed’ at 145C  and with >70% alcohol (WHO recommendations)

– your whole body feels fatigued, GI symptoms (sx) like diarrhea (seen in 1/3 of patients berry cough can occur. Those with GI sx appear to have the worst outcome.

– 1/3 US population will contract by July

– the death rate is approx. 3% 

– duration of ‘outbreak’ likely 18 months 

– vaccine development takes time approx. 18 months from onset

– decreasing exposure effects spread dramatically

– healthcare resources can’t treat everyone

– virus size is .1 micron N95 masks block .3 microns 

– human coronavirus survives various times on inanimate surfaces for up to 5 days on metal, 1 day on paper. Recent info on COVID-19 revealed it was able to infect contact after 2 weeks on the Diamond Princess cruise ship

– there are not limitless health care resources for the expected number of seriously ill persons expected -yes healthcare rationing may occur


What you MUST do:

– stay well away from anyone, suspect everyone of being infected

– the virus has a different appearance in each person, some have extreme fatigue others who test positive yet feel fine

– wash hands frequently soap for at least 20 seconds, if you use hand sanitizer let them air dry *

– a mask is best but wearing a mask does have ‘some’ benefit, don’t forget your eye exposure -do not touch your face

  stay home – social distancing is critical

– wear a mask in public when going out – but only if you have do stay put!

– use known antiseptics for hands and surfaces, let air dry

– ask your healthcare provider if you should take Vitamin C and D3




*G.Kamp et al. Journal of Hospital Injection 104 (2020) 246-251