More than 600 nurses worldwide are known to have died from COVID-19, which has infected an estimated 450,000 healthcare workers, the International Council of Nurses based data from 30 countries. By the time you read this, the numbers will be greater. to my knowledge at present, there is no study for how many doctors nor paramedical providers have contracted the disease not have died.

On average, 7 percent of all cases of COVID-19, are among healthcare workers, if you due to the simple math from the more than 6 million reported cases worldwide the estimate of about 450,000 infections among healthcare workers.

The number of infected healthcare varies dramatically between countries, fewer than 1% in Singapore and more than 30% in Ireland Sadly in the US many states are not tracking the numbers of infected healthcare workers. 

YES, lack of equipment, fatigue that lowers immunity and emotional stress make this group especially vulnerable. This report also showed 72% of ill healthcare workers were women mean age 42. 

Please do not forget the Paramedical personnel the non-doctors and nurses are on the TRUE front lines of this pandemic. Doc Handal continues to author and co-author on relevant paramedical topics  – the latest publications are related to the pandemic of COVID-19. Journal of EMS publications include: ‘The Ethics of PPE and EMS in COVID-19 Era’ and ‘Paramedicine Strategic Planning‘.