Do you know all about getting healthy sleep? Think again or at least read-on to verify!

– ‘you can learn to get away with less sleep and function

Habitual short sleep duration may allow you to walk and talk but with time different for every individual an increases cardiovascular (CV) and metabolic risk, as well as mental and immunological health disorders, arise.


– ‘ exercise w/in 4 hours of sleeping disturbs sleep

No, to date conclusive says so, but low impact, yoga may be beneficial.


– ‘have an alcoholic drink before bed’

May help you fall asleep but you are not getting a restful one as later cycles are affected by alcohol.


–  ‘older you get the more sleep you need’

Older adults do tend to sleep less for many reasons but data does not confirm that they need less than young adults.


‘lying in bed with eyes closed is akin to sleeping

Not so, unless you have a back problem! it is like going to the gym and just sitting on an exercise bike. So get out of bed find a calm spot then when sleepy return to bed.


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