Some technology can lower medical costs and increasing the access to care. AI thru deep learning programing and building information paths algorithms so neural networks in computer can arrive at decisions. Inputed data is passed thru many transformations (linear and non linear) before an ‘output’ is generated. Popular with the media is ‘Watson’, IBM’s supercomputer working on best cancer treatment  based on inputed condition/details of the patient. AI is at forefront, I have blogged  in the past regarding this. Every medical speciality is exploring its use with Dermatologists and ophthalmologist at forefront.

Computers using artificial intelligence (AI) have equaled dermatologists in diagnosing skin cancer! AI has nearly matched retina specialists in recognizing diabetic retinopathy from fundus images. In a recent paper, researchers at Google used 9,963 images from 4,997 patients to train a computer to recognize diabetic retinopathy. The computer achieved 97.5% sensitivity and 93.4% specificity.

Impressive will Dr. AI  come before self-driving cars?